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Putting all that aside, one of the most fascinating things about this movie is how blatantly littered with product placement it is—roughly $160 million in product placement and promotions went into its makers' coffers. But the film also doubles as advertisement for an employer arguably more noble than IHOP: The National Guard of the United States. Here's behind-the-scenes footage released in May by the National Guard regarding their work with Snyder and Warner Bros. This isn't the first big-budget action movie released this summer to partner with men and women who've served in the American armed forces. The National Guard's mission is to generate interest and, ideally, woo more citizen soldiers with this campaign. To listen to the movie and pop-culture podcast that Asawin cohosts with ThinkProgress critic Alyssa Rosenberg, click here.
Nicholas Teausant faces federal charges he tried to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization. The National Guard clarified Tuesday that a San Joaquin County man facing terrorism charges never attended basic training, was never given a uniform, and never served as a soldier. FOX40 and other media outlets reported Monday Nicholas Teausant was a member of the National Guard.

The statement from the National Guard reads, in part, “…although he enlisted with the Army National Guard in 2012, Nicholas Teausant failed to meet basic education requirements”.
Teausant reportedly wanted to join the guard as an officer, not as an enlisted private, and therefore needed to meet certain requirements. The National Guard tells FOX40 they did an extensive background check of Teausant at the time he enlisted in 2012 and they say nothing questionable popped up. The highly anticipated Superman reboot, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, merges the strengths and styles of its director Zack Snyder and its producer Christopher Nolan with mixed results. Man of Steel has over 100 global marketing partners, surpassing Universal's 2012 animated flick The Lorax, which reportedly had 70 partners.
This included some commercials and theater spots that Snyder himself filmed with Guard members, essentially painting them as real-life superheroes.
Greg Galligan in the Army National Guard's advertising branch, the Guard had approached Warner Bros. The Guard's advertising branch keeps an eye out for projects in Hollywood that could potentially show Guard members in a positive light, and does what it can to strike up a partnership. The guard released a statement the following day saying Teausant’s discharge was pending at the time of his arrest in Washington.

The San Joaquin Delta College student was arrested near the Washington-Canada border, allegedly trying to get to Syria. But the parts of the film that are exhilarating roundly compensate for the many parts of the film that are boring as all hell (dulled passion, bland dialogue, blander interactions). So if you have forgotten recently to eat at IHOP or shop at Sears, this film will remind you to do so in big letters.
The ads were shot in California after Man of Steel's principal filming was completed, and included soldiers from across the country. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness included cameo appearances by four war veterans, and the film's official website promoted the work of The Mission Continues, a nonprofit that awards community service fellowships to vets.
The Guard hosted advance screenings of Man of Steel in multiplexes, and sent out Man of Steel-themed direct mailers to potential recruits providing details on the reserve military force.

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