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Perhaps because I am not getting any younger, and I can see my life thus far following this man’s description. I wish he was around so that I could give him a hug and let him know he is loved, but alas, he has passed. Man, if we’d only listen from time to time! Anyway, I hope this has an effect on you as well. Tom Grasso is a Colorado-based seeker, meditator, blogger (new site), and creative wordsmith.
Tom is an abuse survivor and a reformed (though unapologetic) bad ass warrior who bares the scars of his adventures and the power of transformation in every word he writes. Our culture has definitly leaned wrongly as you say Xerxes, it has been horrible we have all seen it and most turn away.
I have to say that for the last couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this site.
I have read this in two skilled nursing centers (SNF) that I have worked in, it is very poignant. This is actually a remake of a famous poem by Phyllis Mabel McCormack titled Crabbit Old Woman. I will never forget the thankfulness of the men folk after I washed and cut and combed their hair.

Focus on the main thing is about your work, it's very well done, the sepia tone and the blue eyes fit perfectly . Thanx Langstrum for the useful comment, created more contrast between face and beard now, hope you like it!
Maybe another lesson here is to share that love with others while they are around to accept it?
More importantly, he is a father of three (meaning he is also a lecturer, teacher, chef, order taker, taxi driver, coach, mentor and aspirin addict) and has found great joy in sharing his life experience to the benefit of others.
As a former firefighter and rescue tech, Tom understands the fragility of life and the impermanence of each moment.
There is a dear lady of 91 who dotes on her and gives continuous love in spite of her own infirmities and occasional dementia.
But look harder at this, these words of an old man will reach out to touch the hearts of many here.
The mind which confers disrespect and lack of forgiveness to others for their shortcomings is what holds us hostage to cravings, unmet expectations, and dishonour. So many elderly people waste their last years with us angry because of all the regret they feel. It is so horrible the way that we throw out the old and disabled like garbage, instead of gleaning wisdom from them like cultures as recently as 100 years ago did.

He still lives in those words of sharing, his rememberances of those times will ring true in every one of us, this journey is the same for us all. Blessings to all who are aging to take responsibility and ownership for their every moment and blessings on all those called to look after those who are decaying and preparing to die.
Others embrace the lives they've lived and they never stop enjoying the small moments and victories. Reading them both together shows the special relationship between the care giver and the cared for. Millennial?  What’s the deal with kids nowadays?  Talk to OLD ASS MAN SCOTT LOSSE about what it’s like to wear flannel, be funny, and shack up with your girlfriend.  Also we spend plenty of time answering YOUR QUESTIONS!!! You need to be logged in to rate this entry and participate in the contests!LOGIN HERE or REGISTER FOR FREE Pxleyes Photography and photoshop contests We are a community of people with a passion for photography, graphics and art in general.

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