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High resolution, print quality vector of a grinning young woman dating an older man over a pink heart.
Some of that may have to do with energy level, with the ages of my kids (teens), and the fact of enjoying time with men who are at the same parenting stage that I am. There are plenty of other reasons, too (more about attitude and open-mindedness, that are a little more prevalent in those younger).
Although I have never thought of myself as someone who could date a younger man the advise you give is great. And bottom line is, even if these younger guys don’t turn into Mr Forever, they’re a great way to get your groove back! I met a lot of older chaps who acted very immaturely, were quite jealous and wanted me all to themselves. But the more I got to know him and the more time we spent together… I found out that we had more in common than anyone I have ever been with. We always get comments where ever we go about how much in love we look like and if we are on our honey moon.
He did loose a friend who didn’t support our relationship, but he was quick to defend my honor (more than anyone ever did my age). I am so much in love and to think how close I came to just turning away and not giving him a chance… it frightens me. If you think carefully, you will see that the two of you are in very different stages in your lives.
There are definite advantages to the younger man – and not just the obvious physical ones.

The older woman likes that young feeling and the man loves that she is stable and doesn’t play games. I can honestly say I was hesitant at first, I was exactly like what was described in this story.
He stated that if his friends couldn’t support him and be happy for him than they are not real friends.
Often, the young women who date older men do so because they like the sense of feeling mature and it could also be that they are looking for a father figure who is going to nurture them. You’re still working on maturing, forming your own mind about the world and life; while he’s looking forward to retirement. When you’re 50, he’ll be 78 years old; and although that may not mean anything to you right now, it will later.
Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. It works for men and women both I think – when newly divorced, you need to experiment, get to know yourself in a different role and with other partners, and why not with a bit of youthful energy and enthusiasm? An adult able to express there feeling clearly is very attractive not too mention maybe a few zeros in the bank. I’m going out on a limb here and say that he’s basically using you for his psychological well being because it’s definitely not in your best interest to go out with a man this old. What ever differences we do have we share our knowledge with one another and really are experiencing what it is to grow with someone.
When she introduced him to her friends and family, everyone was shocked by the difference of age.

A young, hard body gives them a sense of being more virile and sexual: it makes them feel manly and much younger. Then, assess your level of neediness and figure out what is making you seek out a man that much older. Her family disapproves of their relationship and her friends are always asking her all sorts of questions about her future with him. Besides, it’s easier to manipulate a 20 year old than a mature woman his own age, that’s why he’s with you. If you can’t figure it out on your own, if it’s available to you, seek a professional therapist.
But after some thought, and regret, I’d definitely give it a try if an opportunity like that arises again. He’s not with a woman his own age because he can’t handle one and that shows his level of maturity. This has given her food for thought and lately she’s been obsessing about her future, children, and all the challenges that may appear. He’s being challenged by his sense of mortality and virility and the way he’s fixing this is by dating a 20 something year old girl because then his pals are giving him hi-fives and saying “way to go bro”.
She wants an outside opinion from someone who doesn’t know her personally and is able to give her a different perspective of her situation as an outsider looking in.

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