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Customized for personals, dating, and matchmaking sites so you don't have to spend more for custom web development.
Personal Inbox feature that functions as a full-strength, private, and secure messaging center. Scalable to one million ads or more (This is a rough estimate of the recommended maximum number of ads that the program can handle without significant degradation in response times. Powerful new database options that allow you to create your own unique personal ads sections or databases by simply editing a few variables.
New default "personals" template in the Template system which allows you to easily customize the general layout of all pages generated by the program.
Section Manager that includes an online wizard that makes it easy to create new top-level personals sections or databases (such as Senior Dating, Blind Dates, etc.), as well as the ability to modify or delete existing sections through an online interface. New customized top-level sections just for personals such as Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men, Men Seeking Men, Women Seeking Women, Just Friends, Missed Connections, Activity Partners, Pen Pals, and Alternative Lifestyles. New graphics for the program, including new, more attractive graphics for the section icons on the front page.
Personal Favorites feature based on e-Classifieds My Checklist so users can bookmark their favorites. It’s a wonder why some businesses are still waiting forever to register with Classified Ads! Most online classifieds give options of areas for posting a variety of either products, services, events, jobs or personals.

What’s holding you back when you know that it never hurts by putting your advertisements in various places?
For example, your users will be able to conduct searches based upon specified criteria such as the age range, lifestyle, profession, body type, eye color, height, and many, many more. Studies have shown that personals with photos are viewed at least 7 times more often than text-only personals. When someone replies to an ad, the poster is notified that they have a reply and is given a URL where they can retrieve it. There are numerous variables for setting fonts, colors, and even the header and footer that appears on all pages. In fact, no other personals program on the market even comes close to offering the rich feature set found in e-Personals. You can control the number and types of database fields, including the data types, names of these fields, the input formats (radio, checkbox, etc.), the output formats, display types, and many other criteria for each field.
The program also comes with seven default templates that you can choose from (you can see a few screenshots here), but you can easily customize these or create your own unique templates using standard HTML. You will also be able to activate or deactivate sections with the click of a mouse, which can be useful if you want to temporarily deactivate a section while making changes to it or if you want to deactivate a section without necessarily deleting all of your old data. Unaware of social volume which search for business growth through this medium; this is the best and economical way to make a small business get a push into the worldwide market. Being a small business owner who has nottaken a step into the classified ads marketing ability, which can provide you with many openings in sites which are apt for your requirement, guess you may want to, take a closer look.

We have made registration so simple and easy to understand the procedure of how to post free classifieds ads in India.We help improve your business through online classified sites, through your postings and we make sure you to follow the recommended guidelines. With our "Matchmaker service", users can set up their own personal search agent that automatically retrieves and sends them new personal ads matching their desired criteria. The file where it is stored is located in a separate directory, which can also be password-protected for double protection. When the original poster retrieves the reply, he or she has the option of sending a reply back, again without revealing his or her e-mail address. That way, the parties can send messages back and forth through this system without revealing their e-mail addresses or other personal information until they feel comfortable in doing so.
As your business grows so does its expenditure and tasks, spending too much time on one and loading up the rest just gives you less time to generate new business. By creating a Classified Ad not only your list out your need but you also give an idea of what work you deal with.

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