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Learn how to create amazing quilling paper art effects with this one of a kind Photoshop action. Another Photoshop texture that is really used by digital artists is for sure the old paper texture. A primary goal of WCAG 2 is to provide a shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally. This means that WCAG is developed with a wide range of perspectives, including yours if you so choose. People have reviewed WCAG Working Drafts and submitted many comments to help make WCAG 2 better. ATAG for authoring tools, HTML editors, content management systems (CMS), blogs, wikis, etc.
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) for authoring tools, HTML editors, content management systems (CMS), blogs, wikis, etc.
Note to presenters: If you have time, this is a topic that you might want to cover in more detail. All of these points are aspects of WCAG 2 being a cooperatively developed international standard. WCAG 2 builds on WCAG 1 and incorporates what we've learned to make WCAG more useful and more effective. WCAG 2 is not prescriptive about how to do things, but rather what functionality is needed for users. WCAG 2 Guidelines and Success Criteria are technology-independent, and specific guidance is provided in the Techniques.

The Techniques for WCAG 2 is a supporting document that tells you how to develop accessible web content that meets WCAG 2. Note to presenters: Remember to describe the pertinent parts of the image for people who are blind or otherwise cannot see it. 7.1 Until user agents allow users to control flickering,avoid causing the screen to flicker.
There are several resources on the Web that provide additional guidance on accessibility and scripting.
We won't cover accessibility-supported technologies here; it is covered in other WAI material.
How to Meet WCAG 2 is a customizable quick reference to the WCAG requirements and techniques.
Note to presenters: How to Meet WCAG 2 is a key tool that should be mentioned in almost all presentations.
There is also a WAI Interest Group mailing list where you can ask questions of the Web accessibility community. This presentation is based on slides from the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI): Benefits of WCAG 2.
Note - This PowerPoint tutorial is the last of five, step by step tutorials in a series on Web Page Design Using PowerPoint.In this tutorial, we are looking only at specific aspects of the Save as Web Page feature, as we want our presentation to look like a Web site. Check this box if you want the web page to open immediately in your browser once it is saved.
If you have added any animations to your PowerPoint slides, make sure to check the option to show slide animations. The list contains different app screen mock-ups, we page display and other useful previews; you can use them to display all kind of items like icons, app screens, app icons, website pages, and so on.

Build the html structure for the page slider and specify the transition effect for each page sections using data-transition attribute as shown below.
So WCAG 2 specifies what needs to be done for accessibility, and a related document tells how to do that. Most PowerPoint presentations that are saved as Web pages, still retain the look of a PowerPoint presentation. Option 1 - Save as a Web Page - Versions 2000 and 2003 saves the presentation with a file extension of .HTM saves all supporting material in a separate folder this extra folder must also be uploaded to your Web site presentation can be edited in an HTML editor or Web page design type of software.
This is not the goal of this tutorial.For instructions, in general, on saving your PowerPoint presentation as a Web page, please refer to this article, Save PowerPoint Presentations as Web Pages as it contains more detailed instructions for that type of Web page presentation.
This will ensure that viewers using some Web browsers other than Internet Explorer will be able to view your Web site. In this case, we do not want to add any slide navigation controls to our Web pages, as we want them to look just like any other Web pages. You can choose from different perspectives like vertical, horizontal, isometric projection, etc. Detailed help document is also provided from which you will find the overall process of replacing screenshot in the smart object layer.

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