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This photoshop cs3 tutorial will teach you how to make a nice-looking and professional header for your website easily. To design a professional web design layout, you have to read more professional samples as reference.
In this tutorial, it is going to show you how to design an awesome wooden texture web design layout.
If you find your interface button design boring, you may want to develop your own interface button. Well, in this easy Photoshop tutorial I’m going to be teaching you how to make a nice website design, a professional (business-style) website design, that is.
Alright, let’s start off by creating a new document in which we can design our template. After creating a new document, you’ll want to set up a nice background for your website design.
Now you’ve created your background, move onto the next step and create a container area for the rest of the template. You’ll need a simple container area for your website design for all of your content and such to go into. Now, finish your footer area off by simply adding in your copyright notice, and some links if you’re into adding links into your footer.
If you’re wondering how my design is going so far, you can view the design so far here.
Now we’re going to create the header area where the logo, and sometimes some navigation buttons go.
You’ll also need to space each of the texts apart a little bit, you can easily do this by just pressing the space bar key more than the usual once ?? After making your links, you can make things more interesting by adding in a rollover effect. Now fill your selection with a color – I used the bright orange that I did before for the text logo (#f1360b), after filling your selection, you may want to apply this Gradient Overlay to give more of an interesting effect!
This is a pretty easy step, all you have to do is add in a banner graphic underneath our header.
After making your selection, fill it with a nice, soft-blue color, the hex code for the color I used was #3e72a4. Now some random text underneath, a good place to get filler text is the official Lorem Ipsum website. I am always looking for fresh and new Photoshop tutorials to create unique and professional photoshop designs.
The way your web layout looks depends on your level of professionalism and skills and you can improve that once you start researching more.
Once you have achieved a certain level of creativity and you are inspired enough, you have to master the skills of Photoshop. We have selected 25+ Photoshop web layout tutorials that you might find to be helpful on your way of becoming a professional designer. If your next design project involves creating a website layout from scratch, you do not want to miss this article. Some of the authors of these fabulous web design tutorials were kind enough to offer their Photoshop PSD source files for free.
To apply it on your symbol, you just need to follow the steps on blending options so it is easily to be followed.
There are too many tutorials around the internet and it is not easy to find some professional one.
To start, you need to prepare some wooden texture for the title, then you can add some lighting effects.
It is not difficult to design it, however, to design something modern, you need to have modern mind set and keep updating your design knowledge. For this tutorial I’ve used a document size of 900 x 1000 pixels, but you can use whatever size you want really, just keep it around the general template size.
You can make a really simple one by simply making a white rectangle in the middle of your template, or you can go a little bit more complex and make a nice, round-edged container. For more detail (might not be the most efficient) you can add an outer glow (shadow) to the container area, view my Outer Glow settings if you want to add a shadow to the outside of the container.

Firstly, start by making a selection, containing all of the width of your container area, but only about 30-40 pixels of the height, as shown in the screenshot below. After creating your selection, similar to mine shown above, right-click your selection (with your selection tool still active) then click Layer via Cut, after doing this, your selected area will be on a separate layer.
Some people also make an extra-large footer area and add in things like Recent Posts, Archives, Blogroll even. Start by making a rectangular selection all the width of your container area, but only about 50-100 pixels in height, make this selection at the top of your container area. After making your selection, get out the gradient tool and make a black to transparent gradient from the bottom of the selection to the around middle area, like mine.
A good alternative to this font would be Arial, which is a free font that should come with Windows ?? The colors I’ve used in my text logo are #f1360b (orange) and #969696 (grey). Start by making a selection (all of the height of the bar, from the top of the container to where the gradient stops) and half of the space between the links. Start by making a selection down the left side of your design, using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. It all depends on what website the design is for really, what theme you’re going for. Thanks very much for reading, and I hope you were able to follow this tutorial through easily. The first impression is crucial, as visitors decide whether they want to continue browsing the website or not and it’s the design that helps them decide what to do. Please feel at liberty to download them, I am confident that these files will save you lots of time in your design process.
However, the differences between an elegant web and a simple web are the background and navigation button designs. Title, words & background color box form a good combination and everything is deliberately designed. You can make a round-edged rectangle by either using the Rounded Rectangle Tool or using the channels, you’ll probably just want to get the rounded rectangle tool and create one though.
After making your footer section separate, right-click your layer and go into the Blending Options, click Gradient Overlay and apply these settings.
It is the ultimate software that helps you create graphics and other things related to web design.
This way you can repeat after your “teacher” thus the learning process will turn out to be easier. These Photoshop tutorials will arm you with all the latest techniques to help you in your web design creations. For this you can either use a black to transparent gradient, or a black to white gradient, although if you use the latter option, you’ll need to change your layer mode to Multiply and lower the opacity! The size of my banner when I finished with it was 601 x 140 pixels, and I also lowered the opacity for the stock photo layer to 50% to give it a little bit of extra effect … sort of. Now click on the left ruler and drag a guide to the right of the marquee selection as shown in the image below.4 Move this selection on the right edge of the canvas. You can also set these options in the Options bar when the Type Tool is the active tool.8 Double-click to open the Layer Style dialog box. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and draw a horizontal line of 4px height with a color of #e3ab27, across the canvas.13 Add navigation links at 12px-high from this horizontal line and 20px to the right of the left guide. Move the sides of uneven edges below with an 8px margin to make the edges equal to other inner edges at bottom.
Add a phone number on the left of the phone icon using the font Arial, with the size set at 20pt and the color #292929.
Add some related text below the phone number using font Arial, set at Bold, with a size of 11pt and a color of #595959.Creating the header15 Now we are going to a create the header section. See the image below for the rectangle position and colors detail.17 Create another rectangle from the Rectangle Tool (U) with the size of 960px by 360px. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and create a rectangle with the size of 630px by 340px at the distance of 10px from the top and the left of header container.
From the Options bar, click in the rotation box and type -4 and press enter twice to adjust the angle.

Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and create a rectangle shape with the size of 630px by 90px using color #161718. Set the font family to Trebuchet MS (or a web-safe font of your preference) with the color of white (#ffffff) and anti-aliasing method option set to Sharp. Then create two rounded rectangles with the size 260px by 35px using the color of white (#ffffff).
Double-click the layer and use the settings from the following image.32 We are going to add content to this box now. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and color #ffffff, hold down the Shift key to maintain the proportions and create a square with the size 88px by 88px.
Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and create a rectangle with the size of of 1200px by 100px at the bottom of our design layout. Click on the image below to see the full size layout.Thanks for following along with my tutorial. Kindly leave your comments below and share your thoughts and opinions, I would love to hear them. He is the founder and editor of Boost Inspiration, where he showcases different creative resources of Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Typography for inspiration. I have plan to do the coding part for this tutorial soon (only if SixRevisions approved :))Alias Feb 18 2010great design.
You’ve described your actions in great detail, which is really good for beginners (like me). This is the best tutorial of its kind that I have seen.Nicole Foster Feb 19 2010Thanks for the great tutorial!
Lets see how soon I can finish it.John De Senio Feb 23 2010Thanks for the tips and tutorial, now I know the secrets of professional designers. The instructions are accurate and detailed the steps of making a clean and simple web templates. I am going to save that link and try these steps of creating a clean and simple web templates. You are doing fantastic Job.MAdemoiselleacd Mar 16 2010Thank you for the very good tutorial. Do I add all my navigation links at this point and make a separate hover over for each of them? I feel like its the most valuable time I ever spend :)I learned so much from this tutorial. You did a great job.Drew Gillett Apr 06 2010Can you please explain why you decided to put the elements where you did?
I think a lot of readers see these tutorials and have no real idea as to why certain elements are placed where they are other than because other people do it.
Thanks,very simple.Rahul Apr 09 2010Hey you people are doing a great job by providing source files too ! Cheers from Morocco.Rhobert Jul 29 2010nice tutorial,, i like it so muchandy Jul 31 2010There is alot of photoshop experience contained in this tutorial. Very well written and easy to follow!Although I did, like many other people, have problems with #13. I would love an update of this section.But again, thanks!Neustop Sep 01 2010Really useful tutorial!
It help me alot.Amr Emara Aug 07 2011Great and Simple Design, and the tutorial is clear and easy to follow. Want to learn a lot from you about blogging.Fabio Jun 02 2013Thanks a lot, your tutorial really helped me! XDKate Jun 27 2013Great tutorial, but when I get back today to continue on it, all pics showed as broken = they are not existing anymore:(selvia Sep 15 2013terima kasih, thank you nice tutorialThis comment section is closed.

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