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Create a professional brochure quickly and affordably with this free template for Word and Publisher.
Import all your pictures to a single canvas in Publisher, and swap them in and out of your design with a simple drag and drop. Use professional-looking effects for text, shapes, and pictures, including softer shadows, reflections, and OpenType features such as ligatures and style alternatives that are familiar to use because they work like the effects in other Office applications that support them. Use Microsoft Publisher 2016 to search your online albums on Facebook, Flickr, and other services and add pictures directly to the document, without having to save them first to your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Use your photos as high resolution page backgrounds, and make your publications look professional and polished.

It’s now even easier to print your great-looking publications or photo albums at any print shop with the ability to save all of your pages to a common picture format, such as JPG.
There are many items that you can make for your wedding with a desktop publishing program, from invitations to labels for favors to the guest book.
Learn where to find wedding border clipart in this comprehensive guide to the best resources online. Doing so is a wonderful way to cut some of the costs associated with your special day while still displaying your personal sense of style. Using the same or similar images throughout all of the publications will help them look uniform and tasteful, but avoid overloading items with graphics.

A understated yet elegant way to enhance your printed publications is by adding a lovely border. Following are 10 websites that offer borders that are suitable for wedding-related publications. Click on any image to enlarge it, and check out the References section at the end of the article to find links to the websites listed.

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