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Most people decided at some point in their life that they need to create a website for their business, or a blog for their personal thoughts. The application is a powerful WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor that enables you to drag and drop images, resize menus, add transition effects and text blocks without having to worry about the code behind your webpage. Website Realizer features a reliable editor that lets you drag and drop images, reposition tables, add buttons and checklists, or set the priority of certain text blocks.
You can resize and reposition any content introduced in your webpage, as well as edit any description or text that they might contain. Website Realizer offers you the possibility to simplify your work even further by working on a predefined template.
You can easily adjust the colors or change the links associated with every button or page redirect. Website Realizer helps you create astounding webpages without requiring any programming language, although advanced users can tweak the generated HTML in order to add a personal touch to their projects. All you have to worry about is a catchy name for your website and a domain that can host it.
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. But the symptoms are different (looks like they can't see .svc files at all) and none of the solutions work (I have Http Activation for WCF features installed, etc). Pretty sure all the methods are GET, but there are several different endpoints by different developers (none are working).

Are there any authentication set in WCF, or specific header has to be set before making GET request? Turns out WCF is extremely sensitive to whether you are using HTTP or HTTPS, and if you are using the wrong one you get no helpful errors, just 404.
In my case, both old and new servers were configured to use HTTPS at all times for security.
So the service was listening on HTTPS, and when the request came on HTTP, it just completely ignored it.
WCF services don’t run on IIS 8 with the default configuration, because the webserver doesn’t know, how to handle incoming requests targeting .svc files.
Enable Failed Request Tracking in your IIS to see what sub-type of 404 error you are getting?
Here i have used string as both input and output param type, you can use required type here. Apart from this, you need to have required web.config to have service,binding,endpoint etc. Also, as suggested above, there might be some URL rewriting setup, that you have check and fix. Yes, as I said, the service works find in the old production server, so ServiceContract, endpoints, bindings, etc are fine. Many of them abandoned this thought because they lacked the technical knowledge to create a webpage.

It allows you to create websites without having to know HTML, CSS or other web scripting languages. You can edit images, create custom web buttons, shrink images to reduce size and check HTML links for consistency.
Instead of creating every button and image, all you have to do is to edit the text and reposition the tables and pictures provided by a template.
Additionally, the program allows you to create your own template and use it later for other websites.
I recommend MS Support if you have a question on the MS stack that SO can't answer in time. What do you mean by browse to any of methods - is it , just to get list of all methods and signatures? In that case encryption only happened between the user's browser and our load balancer, and the traffic between our load balancer and the web servers was unencrypted HTTP.
Check if the new server is constantly redirecting to https site and you don't have https enabled in wcf, then probably that is the reason.

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