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In such a menu the number of selections at each level is called the breadth of the menu and the number of levels is called the depth. The time taken for step 1, is the most complicated and also depends on complexity of the menu choice. The first of these terms grows as B gets bigger and the second gets smaller as B gets bigger, so there is an optimal menu breadth.  However, for web-based systems where the system response time may be several seconds, and with reasonable estimates for the constants in Fitts' Law and choice time, the optimum breadth is around 60! In fact, when Larson and Czerwinski examined menu structures they found that broad menus, with 16 and 64 items per level performed better and were preferred by users compared with narrower ones with breadths of 4 or 8. So in the first case (sequential scan of menu items) there may be an optimum size, but it is quite large, whereas where the latter holds (Hick's Law), the bigger the better! In fact, some studies have measured subject's short-term memory capability, and used this to test whether better memories lead to faster selection times.
Selection from alphabetic and numeric menu trees using a touch screen: breadth, depth, and width.
Featured article Drawing in free space - another of the multi-part series covering applications that don't need to be installed. After installing Stock Investor Pro for the first time, many new users of the program are unsure of where to begin. Many of the stock screens that are built into Stock Investor Pro are based upon the selection methodologies of prominent investors. When translating a strategy into a screen, no matter what platform is used, compromise is inevitable. The final result is a screen that best captures the spirit of an approach given the capabilities of our software. One of the most frequently asked questions among Stock Investor Pro subscribers is how to run the preprogrammed screens. If you know which screen you want to run, you can select it from the Screen pull-down menu found at the top of the program window. Once at the Screen Editor, select a screen from the pull-down menu at the top of the window (the Name field). In order to run a screen and have the results (the passing companies) loaded into the Stock Notebook for viewing and additional analysis, you must click the Apply button.

It is always important to understand a particular investment approach before you devote your money to it, and the predefined stock screens represent an excellent educational resource. The American Association of Individual Investors is an independent, nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research. For example, the menu in Figure 1 has depth 3, with breadth 11 at the first level, breadth 7 at the next level and breadth 10 at the lowest level. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Los Angeles, California, United States, April 18 - 23, 1998). In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (San Francisco, California, United States).
One of the most popular features of the software is its collection of over 60 preinstalled stock screens, many of which are based upon the screening principles of well-known investors such as Warren Buffett, William O’Neil and Martin Zweig. In developing these screens, we typically rely on books either written by the investor, such as William O’Neil or Martin Zweig, or written about the investing style of the individual, as is the case for the Warren Buffett screens.
The originator of the approach is not involved in the development of the screen, nor does our screening result necessarily match the stocks the particular professional recommends or invests in.
There are two ways to run the screens within the software—from the Screens pull-down menu and from within the Screen Editor.
Screen names preceded by an asterisk (*) are the screens that come pre-installed with the software. There are several ways to open the Screen Editor: by selecting it from the Tools menu, by clicking on the funnel icon from the Toolbar, and by using the Alt+S key combination.
Clicking on one of the screens listed will load the criteria of the screen in the Screen Editor. If you would like to know how many companies pass a screen, but do not wish the results to be loaded into the Stock Notebook, click on the How Many button. Applying Hagstrom’s Buffett approach to the universe of active stocks as of November 22, 2013, loads 24 *Buffett (Hagstrom) passing companies into the Stock Notebook.
Within Stock Investor Pro’s Help System, we have compiled a list of screening articles. In web applications this is often in the form of screen-based selections, for example, in an online catalogue one may initially select from a number of top-level categories in the store (say choosing 'furniture'), then on the next page one selects a subcategory (say 'dining tables') and so on.

As a designer of such menus, one often has the problem of deciding how many choices to put at each level.
Other screens are tied to basic principles of investing, such as the low price-to-sales ratio. For example, if an approach calls for earnings analysis over the last 10 years, we have to scale back the criterion in our screen to accommodate the seven years of data available in Stock Investor Pro.
For example, selecting the *Buffett (Hagstrom) screen loads Hagstrom’s Buffett criteria automatically into the Screen Editor. At this point, the full database of 7,229 companies (as of November 22, 2013) still comprises the active Stock Notebook. To access these articles, select Contents and Index from the Help menu at the top of the program window.
For example, in Figure 1, the top level has two dividers separating the menu into three parts - why didn't the designer give each part a menu and add another level with three initial selections at the top level? This installment of Stock Investor News shows new and existing users how these predefined screens work and offers additional resources and tips for getting the most out of AAII’s screen collection.
There is some flexibility when it comes to adding custom fields that are not in our program, but we are ultimately limited by the depth of the data to which we have access. From here you have the option to alter the screen and save your revised screen under a different name. If you closed the Screen Editor, the companies you would see in the Stock Notebook would not be the results of the screen on which you ran the How Many function. This will expand the topic category to show the names of all of the preprogrammed stock screens.

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