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It was called to the Rangel students’ attention that beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, all high school students will be required to purchase a navy blue blazer. A: As a middle school and high school we want to retain more of our students and this is one of the steps we are taking to retain students. Q: How are the upper class men blazers going to be different from the freshman and sophomores? A: You can wear them underneath the navy blue blazers, but navy blue blazers will be mandatory.
In a time when a Hispanic woman with a college degree was rare, Rangel chose to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney. To succeed in college and land their first job, students need to possess both technical skills and soft skills. A successful STEM program encourages rigorous academics, involvement in extracurricular activities such as an engineering or robotics club, participation in STEM-related summer camps, and opportunities for job shadowing or special speakers. Learning to problem solve, create, design, build, communicate and lead is important for success in many areas. Middle and high school students from Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, the first all girls public school in Texas, went back to school to new coursework. In October, the high school students participated in CREW Careers (Commercial Real Estate Women) 2010. Former network engineer Donald Morris teaches engineering at Irma Rangel and pulls double duty as a football and track coach. For 11 years, The Infinity Project team has sought to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from U.S. According to Tammy Richards, Associate Dean of SMU's Lyle School of Engineering and Executive Director of The Infinity Project, the new focus on STEM coursework will make a tremendous push toward achieving that goal. Helping science, technology, engineering, and math teachers successfully implement engineering curricula into their classroom is of vital importance to The Infinity Project.

You don’t have to be an engineer to teach The Infinity Project curricula, but you will learn to think like one by the time you complete the training.
Conducted by certified Master Infinity Project Instructors, teachers receive best-in-class training along with real-world classroom examples. High schools and middle schools in Region IV are eligible to receive up to $7,500 in funding to implement The Infinity Project’s high-tech engineering curriculum.
Eighteen Region IV districts have taken advantage of the opportunity to introduce state-of-the-art engineering into their classrooms. High school students visiting UT Dallas for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day got a lab tour, an introduction to some of the technology behind high-tech toys and a thumbnail sketch of the path that brought one faculty member to her current position as an assistant professor of electrical engineering.
Students from Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School in Dallas visited the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at UT Dallas as part of National Engineers Week.
During their visit, the Irma Rangel students also saw several other parts of campus, including the Arts & Technology (ATEC) Motion Capture Lab, where Dr. The girls also heard remarks from both UT Dallas President David Daniel and the University’s vice president for diversity and community engagement, Dr.
If you are not sure what the words are, either enter your best guess or request another challenge. You may also get the audio challenge to hear a set of digits that can be entered instead of the visual. Kimberly Mejia beamed after the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School graduation ceremony. Here are the 2013 valedictorians and salutatorians for high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We did not take a vote when the decision was made to allow high school students to wear polos and not the buttoned down white blouse that middle school students wear. The Infinity Project’s high tech engineering curriculum is helping students build a solid foundation at an early age and preparing upperclassman for the rigors of college-level work.

After introducing The Infinity Project curriculum the first weeks of school, Morris said his students repeatedly commented about how they’ve learned this concept in physics, or that principle in chemistry.
Rashaunda Henderson (far right) gives a tour to students from the Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, with help from one of their teachers (far left) and UT Dallas student Anastasia Kurdia (third from left). Rashaunda Henderson’s lab, they got a chance to operate two remote-control helicopters while Dr. Henderson is pursuing research regarding the design and fabrication of microwave circuits and components for wireless applications. To submit your own “You Know You Go To Rangel When…” quote, email them to [email protected]. She has taught various levels including Elementary, ESL, Early Childhood and Special Education.
At an early age, she developed a strong sense of compassion while realizing that some barriers to success must be broken.
Animators, and particularly video game developers, rely on motion capture research because it can produce highly accurate and realistic movement results in a short amount of time. She urged the students to identify the area of study that they enjoyed the most and then dedicate themselves to mastering it. For her that was electrical engineering, and it took her first to Tuskegee University in Alabama and then to the University of Michigan, Motorola Inc., Freescale Semiconductor and UT Dallas. After teaching in South Texas, Venezuela and California, she elected to further her education into the next phase of her life.
Hotchkiss relocated to George Bannerman Dealey Montessori Academy, two years later she was appointed Principal of Dealey Montessori.

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