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Apple’s free App of the Week pick this week is Flick Golf for both the iPad and iPhone, by developers Full Fat. According to a patent application published by the US Patent & Trademark Office today, Apple has invented a new flexible battery pack to support next generation device form factors such as a possible flex-screen iPhone or some wearable portable device like the rumoured iWatch (via Patently Apple). The latest patent application details Apple’s next generation battery designs that could be flexible yet durable and safe. The game was first released in November of 2010 and brings an intuitive twist to golf that takes full advantage of multi-touch on your iOS device.

Meanwhile, another patent published today by USPTO relates to some upgrades that might be introduced in a future Maps app upgrade. Apple states that the flexible battery pack may include a plurality of cells, or a plurality of laminate layers coupled to the cells that include top and bottom laminate layers. An adhesive may be used to couple the two laminate layers keeping the plurality of cells isolated from each other. This arrangement also may allow one or more of the cells to be selectively removed from the plurality, which may be desirable from a manufacturing perspective.
3B and 3C noted above illustrate a cross section of the new flexible batteries which may be folded into generally curved orientations to accommodate the various form factors of electronic devices.

In some implementations, the user will be able to initiate an alert associated with a location. The precise degree of curvature may vary depending upon the embodiment ultimately implemented, and in some embodiments, the curve may be asymmetric”.

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