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Leonardo DiCaprio dons a stylish fedora while spending time with friends on Tuesday (May 28) in Venice, Italy. The 38-year-old actor was joined by Vladimir Doronin, who recently split from supermodel Naomi Campbell.
Over the weekend, Leo suited up while posing with Cameron Diaz at the Tag Heuer Yacht Party in Monaco.
The rumor started with some photos of Leo and Toni in France but it turns out the girl on the photos is not Toni Garrn.
He has become such a creepy old man, dating girls half his age and then tossing them away after about six months.
Am I the only one who would like to see some change, some variety, something new and interesting in his life? As this point, I think Victoria’s Secret should just send him a Look Book as they seem to be his feeder. An unknown model gets more recognition as she puts in her time with Leo and he looks like the guy every dude can envy.

Gisele ALWAYS dates (or simply fu*cks with) rich (milionaires actually) and famous guys since the beginning of her career because they can help her. Leo can be a crappy guy who only dates stupid and anorexic models with half of his age, but Gisele in not better than him! Some bz people I think just want him to date somebody already even though that doesn’t seem like the case. If you are looking for real relationships online, here are some good resources on how to make it happen!
Imet brian michael on here the dateing site now he and his lawyer want me to send money to nigeria.does any one know him?
Yes she reps VS but shes also a legit HF model who has covered several Vogues, walked runway for every Fashion Week, is currently the face of Mango, Prada and Saint Laurent amongst others. Daily News had the post about Leo and Kevin Connolly having dinner with 20 girls and Leo bragging about how awesome it is to be him… The story was denied.
First was the brazilian milionaire Joao Paulo Diniz (who helped a lot with her career in Brasil), then Leo, then another brazilian milionaire called Ricardo Mansur, then Kelly Slater, and finally Tom Brady who was dating Bridget Moynahan back then (and she was pregnant!).

At his age Johnny Depp was freakin perfect and Brad Pitt in his Fight Club hunk days, just to name those two. Even IF they are dating ( intend to agree with ppl who say he is single and just having fun ) it would be another typical Leo relationship with an easily predictable end! There are dozens and dozens of models out here competing to be the next Heidi Klum or the next Gisele or the next Cindy Crawford.
A lot of them try to start businesses so when they get past their prime they can leave the business and not fly all over the place constantly for photo shoots. Not to mention who she really is when there’s no cameras around, lots of people who worked with her says she is an arrogant person who treats people like garbage, she treats bad even her fans, she is not the person she says she is in front of the cameras!

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