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My bestie and I are friends forever no matter what happens and we will stick together till the end. Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes!
If my best friend was ever murdered I wouldn't go to her funeral because I'd be in jail for killing the person that killed her.
I always thought nothing could split me and my best friend apart, but somehow we did this year.
Me and my bestie met last year and we are as close as friends can be we've only known each other for a year now but I love her very much ! I'm 13 now, We went every where to youth meetings camp the mall movies you name it any place we could hangout!

I was so upset I might not see her again I started to cry and I don't know if I am going to see her again, SHE WAS THE ONLY BEST FRIEND I HAD. Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". For the whole year we sat together we were the only two girls who were sitting together and other all the best friends we separated.
Then again in the next session we again were in same session and again we sat together for the whole session together.
She told that Sophie was rushed to the hospital a crazy man had shot her and a couple other girls in a parking lot of her moms work. The other one is Elevith, I meet earlier this year, she moved from Honduras not knowing any English, and me knowing vey little Spanish.

She now specks English pretty good in just 5-6 months, I am still learning but getting better in Spanish. She also meet me with this guy that also moved from Honduras not knowing any English either.

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