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There's a person I like and I keep trying to say that I like him, because he's hinted at it but I just can't. So there is this guy I have known since elementary school but we aren't really good friends. My crush has liked me since I was the first girl to talk to him and was one of his closest friends. This is the smoothest thing anyone has every done (which to him it was a joke) but is great to see if someone likes you: so he told me to hold out my hand and it looked like he was gonna put a piece of trash in it but I opened it anyway and he just slipped his hand into mine and I gave him a weird look and he quickly took his hand out and said why are you holding my hand. I recently met a British guy at the same course with me, we didn't talk to each other face to face before, and we only have a few eye contacts. I found his facebook a few days ago and started to talk to him first because I ask him if he is studying same module with me at the university. Of course I said yes because he is honestly the best person I've ever met and I really like him!
Can someone please tell me what I should do for him to talk to me more without making him wanna break up????
Whenever you see him, whether if it's just passing by or having the same class, stir up some jokes and a friendly conversation.
Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Up is down, down is up, they are indecisive when they are certain and quiet when they want to be heard.
Or they might have had some unpleasant experiences in their childhood, which has caused this low self confidence. Most shy guys will do just about anything you ask them to, in order to have some sort of interaction with you. If you are a waitress or working in retail, you may notice a shy guy always lingering about. Today we had our first field trip (we are both homeschooled) and he lead prayer and I almost melted in my spot. So I'm hoping if I can become brave bough to start talking to him no, so by the time we turn 17 we can start dating. He's in like 3 of my classes and in ela and in art he stares at me a lot and then I look at him and he looks away.
Earlier this school year, I started picking up signs that he liked me, and I started noticing that I liked him too.
He is a drummer and i have caught him looking at me he is a year older than me but he doesnt look me in the eyes when we talk he looks at his shoes. But I have since late autumn noticed a change in his behaviour,the way he looks at me, how he is when we are with our friends or alone. I might be ok at the start all chaty and a wee bit flirty, but once I figure out I have a crush on a girl I would be lost for words. I have had a crush on him for a while, but just today I was an idiot and asked him to a valentines day dance by note. So now I really don't understand why he suddenly said that to me, and Does it mean he likes me more than friendship or he's just flatter me?
Skip until you see ~ again to read my answer.Same exact thing with me up until the part of not talking. Make some inside jokes, and use those inside jokes to start up more conversations in the future. I Was curious to know who ot might be, so I saw who he would hang out with and asked my friends if they knew who he was hanging out with and they all said it was the guy my friend always asked me about. Last year, I sent him a friend request again since the confusion we had back, which caused him to block me, but he probably denied my friend request.
His diary or notebook might have some clues about his secret crush, while his friends will know nothing about it. He gave me the chance to be his friend again, so we started texting eachother everyday, but he told me he likes someone else, but reading this made me think he still liked me, he told me once we became friends again (like last time.) Lets see where it takes us. I am super shy around guys I like and I think he is really shy too even tho he acts normal around other girls and his friends. We sat next to eachother in Spanish class, and he'd rarely talk to me, except about video games.* Eventually, we started walking home together, and we'd chat online. But we are currently dating, but I have been having a hard time staying in contact with him, or not sure if he is still interested in me, by him just avoiding me. Ok, so he is actually this Vietnamese guy in my class and he has only been in the U.S for about a year so idk if he doesn't talk much maybe because he does not know much english as well or if he is very shy around me. He doesn't talk a lot when I start up a convorsation, and I have known him for forever but we are not good friends. He was always to shy to come up to me I was the new senior year girl that moved from a different state and he was a sophomore.
We talk over text, but he replies with one word answers and no matter how much we talk he doesn't open up much at all.
I am guessing maybe he is not shy only when he talks to friends who are close with him because he goes clubbing with them.
My friend told me she liked him too and I embarrassed her in front of him by saying THIS GIRL LIKES YOU. And most shy guys are quiet and just ignore you (trust me I know, the person I like is the same, but after you start talking to them, they open up). So since then I have now I'm kinda starting to like him but I'm afraid that he might like one of my friends.

When I first started to like him, we used to make a lot of eye contact and whenever I had the courage to speak to him, we would both end up blushing and it would become awkward. Shy guys have a difficult time believing that someone likes them, or would like to date them.
I really want to talk to him but I'm also really shy around him and don't have the guts to. He talks to so many girls and peopl in general but like he seems shy when we get around eachother. My best friend which is his cousin, have told me that she also have noticed that he have changed, but she doesn't know if it is because we have come closer as friends or because he has some sort of interest in me. He still shows me stuff and tried to talk to me, but only if we're sitting next to each other in a class. So first day of class when he came in obviously I noticed and I can't help but stare because he is gorgeous.
Sometimes I would just avoid her, in these situations you should look him straight in the eyes, for I would sneak a peak now and again.
I have no idea what to do, because I did ask him to a dance, but he said he doesn't go to dances, which is perfectly fine cuz I don't like dances either. I'm trying to figure out what to do- ask him to hang out in a group setting, study together, try to talk to him more (which is hard for me).. But one thing is he always stares deep into my eyes and makes me feel like I'm the only person in the room. It may seem like I don't like talking because I always respond with short answers, but it's cause I'm too nervous to say more. It seemed like he didnt care so I told my friend to tell him I like him too and it seemed like he didnt care either. He said let's just forget about this and that has made me really self conscious of what I say to him now.
He hasn't exactly told me that it's my friend he's interested in but I started to like him now and I don't want to be disappointed if he does like one of my friends . A shy guy, on the other hand, will NOT try to touch you in order to be less obvious about his feelings. I sang at my church a coupl times and he was the only guy from the youth boys to compliment me. It was around February and my friend and I were on facebook ( my friend goes to a different high school then I do ). During winter holiday I asked if he wanted to go to the movie with me alone and we did, I think it was a really nice night, we shared a froyo talked about a lot of things, what we are going to do after graduation and so on.
His friends used to ask me if I liked him and even said he liked me but that was last year. He sometimes tries to talk to me, but whenever he does I get super shy and nervous and i walk away, because im scared it'll be awkward. Now he blushes around my best friend, and laughs and smiles around her when he did that mostly around me. Because to this day (which is a month later.) We still talk everyday but we no longer work together, also how do I still keep him interested if we don't see each other, but we talk everyday? But him being my crush, I stare at him a lot too and sometimes we make eye contact on accident then we look away. I tried a thing my friend said, which were like to touch his arm while talking to him and it was like he smiled and didn't really care to much.
Then he really likes you, ask him out yourself, for girls who asked me out really took the pressure of me doing it. Like one time I looked at him and he looked at me and we made eye contact and quickly looked away.
I remember during our group interview, I was studying him and he may not be the "hot guy", I found him to be good looking. And now I have comed to this state where I feel like I really can not be friends with him if I don't know if we could be something. So then after class that day he waited for me to walk out of class but I felt so embarrassed because he caught me staring and so I waited for my friend to walk with her so I think he noticed and he must of felt awkward or something because he then left and waved me goodbye.
He said he was buying a girl balloons and if I get the balloons I will know if he likes me or not. So ever since then we have become friends and now he always waits for me to walk out of class together.
The class I have with him is health, in college so we go to the gym on campus together for part of the class and so the other day I had to leave early because I had a doctor's appointment and he knew this. When my PE teacher takes attendance, I'm in the 2nd row towards the middle and he's in the 1st row towards the front.
During that time I was constantly being surrounded by boys and I thought it would make the relationship even more awkward.
But I do really like him and I think sincerely that he also have some sort of interest (he has never had a girlfriend either so), but do you have any tips or tricks to make him understand that I have feelings for him without telling him that straight out? So the other day there was only one treadmill available and so I ended up using it and he had to go elsewhere to workout but then I went to get my stuff since my ride was there to go to my doctors appointment and so i turned around as i put my coat on and there he was putting his coat on, hat, and gloves.
Surprisingly the tension eased a bit and we made even more eyecontact than before, but I had to go on holidays. So then I thought why is he putting his coat on when class is not over for him, I am leaving early, so i asked him outloud "What are you doing?" And so he looked awkward and then just said oh as he started to take off his coat again and such. Ever since it has just been the eye contact and I don't have courage to talk to him anymore. So, i said wow that hug sucked, but whatever and he turned around and grabbed me around the waste and picked me up and hugged me!!!

Anyways, the first year, we were nice to each other, but it was typical coworker politeness.
But then after I asked my guy friend for advice and he said that he thinks he was going to walk me out of class. Plus I am wondering how he even noticed that I was finish with my workout when we had just gotten to the gym and i was far away on the other side of the gym.
He will stare at me and when I catch him, he won't be your average dude, he'll stare right back at me- as if he were looking through my soul. He had summer school and so did my bestfriend ( the one who gave me the idea) they went to the same high school. But thing is, lately, after a year and a half of working there, we were both moved outside to work in the booth on weekends.
Plus i had to pick up this book for sophomore year so, i figured it'd be perfect and he wouldn't expect it.
We had just finished running a mile or so and we all took a seat, while a few boys played dodgeball.
So, i'm waiting outside in the hallway of his class and this guy comes out looking for someone and i screamed JASON?!!!! I sat on a table with my 2 friends, and he sat on the table towards the right next to ours.
My friends and I were talking about Stephen Hawking and how much I admired him and I was really excited and being all jumpy. He then gets up and sits on the empty seat of our table and says, "I hear a lot of fan-girling.. I'm too scared to ask because we work together so often that I do not want to risk putting our current relationship in jeopardy. For the first time, I realized his eyes were brown, he had a soft but yet dark shade to them. He is so sweet though because he respects my space so he does anything to make me comfortable.
They brought up some movie and talked about who played what part and what not, and he'd continue to glance over at me.
Even in the hottest days, he'll stand outside, letting me sit in the booth with the fan on while he suffers in the sun.
He does it just because there can't be two of us in the booth and he'd rather I be comfortable. I tell him to switch places because it hurts me to see him in the sun (as cheesy as that sounds), but he always refuses. Also, once he had to reach something, so his arm was around my waist for a good 10 seconds.
I'd somewhat hear my friends voice going on and on about the movie, but my concentration was on him, and his on me.
When I glanced at him, he was blushing so much (he has tan skin, so it's pretty hard to tell if he blushes normally. I walked up the stairs toward our main building and then a mob of people trampled down the stairs and I lost him.
Around me, although we work together and we know each other pretty well, he still seems guarded. When we gossip about coworkers (c'mon don't judge, gossip is bound to happen at every workplace), he somehow ALWAYS agrees with my opinions.
Apparently, when I say something to coworkers and walk away, he asks them after about what I said. Tbh I find his messiness cute, although I wouldn't be able to tolerate anyone else that messy.
And it's cute because he'll say he can't do his paperwork neatly, so I have to "help" him out. I swear it's just an excuse so that we can be in the booth at the same time and be really really close to each other. The other day, I decided to initiate and bought him Starbucks during my break to show him that I did indeed think about him over my free time. He seemed ashamed and embarrassed though, which was definitely not the emotion I was going for!! I just laughed it off in front of him and I told him not to repay me, but I suggested getting me a drink next time it was hot. I cherish every minute I get to spend with him, where I'm standing in the booth and he is standing outside, and we just chat about everything. If there's a customer with heavy stuff, it's so adorable, but he'll make sure that it's him dealing with it, not me. Also, he knows I'm certified as a lifeguard and that I like to swim, so I think he knows that I appreciate fitness. He'll sometimes randomly talk about how many sets and reps he did the other night at the gym, and I continue to amuse him by seeming interested. Also sometimes, he'll innocently roll up his sleeves to show off his guns when lifting things. Before you tell me to initiate, no, I'm sorry, I'm one of those cheesy girls looking for a classic boyfriend who asks the girl out.
Just because I find it sweet that he takes the courage to ask me :') As you can see, I can write forever about him.

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