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We will share a secret with you: an admission officer is also a human, but he is very strict about what he does and he will assess your essay critically. It will be interesting for everyone to read your essay, including your relatives and friends Let them read your essay but be aware of the fact that people are different and the opinions they will be eager to share are different too. We are sure you can find a topic for yourself, something that caught your eye immediately and you have hundreds of writing ideas racing through your head. If you imagine him or her reading an essay about a trip overseas, which changed someone’s life after another essay about the time someone has spent helping poor people, who live on the streets, you will understand that the key point is not what you write in your essay. And in some cases, you would want to save some original ideas or essay outline that you initially have written. Your essay will be great for one person and it will be not so good or not bad for another person.

The only person who was struggling while writing it is you and you deserve to have the best results at the end.
If you have been looking at the prompts for a really long time, and you haven’t decided yet, we know how to help you. We will help you to come up with the right decision and help you to write your common app essay.  Below you will find and example of academic writing.
Try to make several stories, you can tell them to your friends, but mind that each story should be compelling, consisting of 650 words. Watch out for cliche, try to look the other way at the events that has happened in your life, but you should not make anything up because  it will never work. When you finish writing your essay, choose only one person or maximum two people, who you trust to read carefully through your writing.

The next step is to choose two topics which are vague and the ones you are not looking for. If you need additional inspiration, surf through additional or related information to the essay.
If you still find yourself stuck, then you can always obtain our professional writing help.

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