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In that light, it makes perfect sense that Apple is strongly rumored to be buying Beats for $3.2 billion. Yes, LeBron James endorses Beats for an undisclosed amount of financial compensation (as does fellow Beats-sponsored superstar Lady Gaga.) But as for every other NBA player walking off that bus in 2008, or any other professional sports player you’ve seen warming up in custom pair of Beats that matches their uniform? The general approach, Beats designer Robert Brunner told me last June, was simply painting the headphones in team colors and mailing them to players. Now, the Beats brand is worth $3.2 billion, riding a half decade of unrivaled pop culture dominance ranging from music to sports. And it’s remarkable to consider what amount of that valuation was built from a few free headphones, painted and passed out to the right people.

If it could supply 15 pairs of Beats headphones, Maverick Carter, the manager of LeBron James, would get James to wear them when he stepped off the plane in China. But the lesser told, lesser celebrated story within the Beats brand is that most of its promotion has been done for free. Though a few exceptions certainly exist, many of Beats viral sports sponsorships have been donated by stars freely.
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