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Filipino Recipe Site is a collection of my favorite Filipino Food Recipe which can be found across all regions of the Philippines. The idea of why this Filipino Food Recipe site exist, was when my husband notice me taking my time surfing the net looking for recipes to prepare specially Pinoy recipes. So, instead of keeping all these recipe collection to myself, why not share it to everyone out there especially to my fellow Pinoys that also loves to cook and want to learn how to cook Filipino dish . These lutong Pinoy site is my personal Filipino cooking reference and would like to share all of them to my Kababayang Filipino !

I am living here in Australia, I love to live in the southern part of Australia, it is green and lush and cool in winter.
I am an island girl wanting to meet fellow travellers or just outgoing people who love there country and humanity in general.
For a limited time: Email us your details with your photo(s) and we will list you here for free! Even though I have all the Filipino cooking books in my possession, I still found myself surfing the net for more Filipino cooking style and recipes to taste and experiment.

I am a cool guy with a strong sense of humor, ready to meet someone who cares and respects nature.
I’ve collected much recipes and even revise most of them somewhat to suit my taste and style that is great for my family and friends.

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