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Sometimes you only have limited budget and all you need is to make it fit to your lifestyle.
Want to check your Facebook page and message your FB friends but you only have less than five pesos on your load? Talk ‘N Text made it a lot more cheaper and easier for you to access your Facebook page, even if you only have a few pesos left on your load.
PISOFB lets you access your Facebook account  for 10 minutes for only one peso with 1.3MB cap limit. For those who are asking: Yes, as of March 2015, Smart Communications still has an on-going Free Facebook promo that subscribers can enjoy. And what's great is that you don't have to worry that your load will be touched or diminished whenever you visit this version of FB using your mobile device. As a free low-data site, this version of Facebook won't allow you to view photos by friends and pages you follow.

TM (Touch Mobile) aka Republika ng TM has on going Unli (Unlimited Promo) for their prepaid subscribers both for UNLI Call and Text users, and UNLI-Facebook users. For TU200 30 days unlimited text promo check out How to register Sun Celullar TU200 Promo. If you are looking to register Globe unli internet browsing promo, we’ll give you all options on which promo your budget fits. Here’s the latest list of SUN Prepaid Texts Unlimited Promo where you can choose the best option for your texting needs. In fact, thanks to the company's partnership and close collaboration with Facebook and, there are now at least two ways that you can access the social networking site for free using your mobile connection from the MVP-company. This will lead you to a text-only version of the site where you can view and post status updates as well as send messages to your friends -- even without WiFi connection.
I believe the company utilizes an innovation that allows it to isolate services and even websites that subscribers can avail of and visit and that's what makes Smart Load Protect possible.

Nonetheless, if you want to able to access such content as well as other websites, you will be given an option by Smart to subscribe to a Big Byte promo that meets your requirements. And let me know your thoughts about this cool freebie from Smart Communications in our comments section.
Unlike any other mobile promo that requires you to maintain at least 1 peso balance or more. All you need is P15 to register to the service. You’re also given free limited texts to all networks and voice calls to Sun, Smart and TNT (Talk N Text). Load your prepaid account now and register to any of the promo using the respective keyword or code provided below.

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