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This fits in with the above principle: The principle of ignoring those who, in theory, know better. About PEOPLEPEOPLE is a full service, national innovator of Human Resource & Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions. Latest Blog Posts06-05-2016Registration Available for The Lean Experience® June CourseThe Lean Learning Center offers an innovative program this June. 03-05-2016Don’t be Afraid to ExperimentLate last year, I finally traded in my trusty Ford Focus for a new (to me) lightly used 2014 Ford Focus.
The Han Dynasty was one of China’s Golden Ages, when developments in commerce, natural sciences, and the arts reached new heights. Militarily strong, the Han Empire expanded to Central Asia– reaching as far as modern day Vietnam and Korea. To increase their influence and ensure peace in the region, the Han introduced a “tributary system,” by which neighbors could remain autonomous states by recognizing China’s authority and giving gifts (ties strengthened through inter-marriage).
This dynasty gave the Chinese people their name: Today, 90% of population is listed as “Han Chinese” ethnicity in official statistics.

Daoism also makes a comeback, developing into something of a nationwide religion in later Han (it slowly mutates away from Laozi’s early philosophy into deity worship and other superstitions and rituals, like burning joss, seen in modern Asia). The Silk Road develops, linking the capital of Chang’an (today’s Xi’an) with Central and Western Asia. Buddhism –which emerged in India around the Confucius’ time during the Warring States period—makes its debut in China via the Silk Road. The Han dynasty finally ends with a reoccurring problem: Succession of a minor to the throne. This principle states that you must do your best to kick your own ass when required, so that you may kick the asses of others when the appropriate time is reached: race day. Your body is not made up of numbers or thresholds or "systems," but yet numerical data may offer you a better understanding of what goes on inside you.
As your organization embarks on a lean journey, a key is to influence and change the language to reflect that thinking. For instance, the Huns to the north gave Han emperors an annual tribute of horses, which were highly valued by the Chinese for combat.

Ignore those who tell you it cannot be done or kick their ass, as the principle below states. Remember: for every detail-oriented, ANALytical athlete sitting at a computer staring at software and endless files and graphs, there is an athlete outside laying the foundation to greatness, learning in the lab. For the athlete this is especially vital (as in life giving), since we tend to adapt and plateau to previous workloads somewhat rapidly. New language requires repetition, repetition, repetition, and so continuous reminders are a great tool. As is stands now at the zenith of our sport, few athletes use heart rate monitors or power meters!
I've known many athletes to train themselves straight into the same old injuries, rather than limit their losses by cutting the workout short or altering it altogether.

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