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The instructions in these books for eating corn on the cob are so damn long that I am just going to paraphrase. Women: Must wear black high-necked dresses with long sleeves, and head must be covered by a black mantilla. Although we here in the future get a lot of crap for our serial monogamy and the fact that we spend a lot more time dating before we get married (you know, because we live a lot longer now) back then, commitment before getting officially engaged wasn’t even a thing.
Weekends are meant for grilling and kicking back some cold ones. Bros everywhere will (and should) be firing up their grills, slapping down some meat and cooking it up to a smoky, saucy deliciousness. And of course, I know what you’re thinking of to wash down those burgers and brats: A vodka soda.
In all seriousness, there’s something uniquely calm, simple and friendly about a cold beer. But what if the girl you’re dating isn’t a “beer person?” What drinks can you get to keep her happy and still maintain the relaxed vibe? Lucky for you, with the prevalence of microbreweries today, there is no shortage of delicious, flavorful, interesting beer that she’s guaranteed to love. Lambics are Belgian sour beers that are frequently mixed with fruits like raspberries, cherries, peaches and strawberries, so if she likes her cocktails girly and pink, this beer is a good bet.
These beers are most frequently brewed with chocolate and coffee flavors, and they’re AWESOME. These beers have a very citrusy aftertaste and are frequently served with an orange slice garnish, which should satisfy her craving for a little OJ. Red wine fans will appreciate the complexities of these beers, as they contain notes of chocolate, fruit and candied sugar. Night Rooster brings you all the latest tech, gear, gadgets, beautiful women, and fantastic places to visit on vacation! I can also tell that there are a lot of guys out there who wish their girlfriends or wives rode motorcycles. I collect old etiquette books in general, but hers have always been my favorite, mostly because she’s way crazier than the far more famous etiquette expert Emily Post and seems to have no idea that poor people exist.
If I had to live my life abiding by 700 pages of weird, complicated etiquette I would probably throw myself out window!” Well, that is exactly how Miss Vanderbilt chose to end her life in 1974. Basically, if you do not have four hours to spare out of your life, do not eat corn on the cob in front of Amy Vanderbilt. Is it proper for a single girl to have dinner in a bachelor’s apartment without a chaperone? No boutonnieres are ever worn, but you can wear your ribbon of Chevalier or the Legion of Honor. I think I just really like that there is an entire chapter in this book about you and your interactions with the pope. You know when you walk in the door and see that 24-pack chilling over a bucket of ice in cooler, you’re gonna have a good time. Try Lindemans Framboise or Pecheresse (that’s raspberry and peach, respectively) or Van Honsebrouck St.
Most stores are fully stocked with Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy right now, so these beers should be relatively easy to procure. Some of my personal favorites are Stone Brewing Company Imperial Russian Stout, Founders Breakfast Stout and Oskar Blues Ted FIDY–and double bonus points if you can find this style of beer bourbon-barrel aged.

Obviously, Blue Moon is everywhere, but most breweries have pretty solid offerings in this style.
He made me feel very safe and comfy out of the gate by making sure I was in the proper gear and had a healthy respect for the sport. She defenestrated herself—although it’s never been determined whether she just fell out of the window as a result of taking too much hypertension medication or if she committed suicide as a result of the 1970s being too tacky to bear. Really, you might as well tell him you want to leave via smoke signals, morse code or Victorian fan language. Is it permissible for me to pick up the check for a male customer I am entertaining as a representative of our firm?
Because I see the looks on the faces of other bikers when my boyfriend and I pull up to a diner on our motos and the other bikers watch me as I swing my leg off the bike and shake my hair loose from its helmet. Adding an intercom causes the passenger to be much more included and in the loop during a ride. Girls have a sense for these things; it's like being poolside and feeling the sideways stares from the men while walking to the pool's edge. Interestingly, one of Andy Warhol’s first major jobs as a commercial artist was illustrating these books. Some of these tips are no-brainers, or don't apply in every relationship, so of course your mileage will vary. Women generally grow up more cautious and risk averse than men, due to societal stereotypes and conditioning. We are taught to play safer; we climb fewer trees, and play with fewer fireworks than our brothers, by and large. Wait-- actually, three-fold.First, because her life is in your hands, and as the driver and more experienced rider, it's your responsibility to ride safely and responsibly.
OK, sermon aside, insisting on proper gear will help establish the seriousness of this sport in her newly-forming moto chick world.
Nowadays, there are very few occasions to lay your jacket on a puddle for her to walk across.
But taking off your motorcycle jacket and insisting she wear it instead is a sweet and effective way to show you care about her. If she gets off your bike feeling exhilarated, wind blown, adrenaline rushing, thinking, "That was kind of AWESOME. Never doing that again, so scary!" then all you managed to do was get her to experience it and cross it off her bucket list, without showing her that riding bikes is not always a "live on the edge" experience. You still want the adrenaline, and the exhilaration, but you want to make the experience feel safe enough to do regularly. Riding in a t-shirt can add to the feeling of imminent death and disfigurement.Third, wearing proper gear will just overall make her feel cooler, and closer to the sport. When you first put on a catcher's mitt, playing with a baseball felt a lot more authentic, didn't it?So pull out an extra helmet, jacket with armor, and gloves. She may not realize that a warm day feels very cold when you are cruising at 40mph, so be sure to recommend some warm layers if you know it will be chilly on the bike. Craigslist is full of women's gear left over from guys' failed attempts to get their women into the sport, as well as hand-me-down from women riders upgrading from their first set to their more advanced gear.
Show her the footpegs, and explain which parts of the bike get really hot (and why) so that she avoids touching them.

Show her the odometer, the gas tank, and let her rev the engine throttle on her own while you are in neutral so she can feel the bike's power.
This lesson will also come in handy later, when you have her sit on the bike and work the controls herself (see a later tip below) Tip 3: Don't Ride Like a Maniac It is so tempting to make her pulse race on her first ride with you. Pop a wheelie, weave in and out of traffic, or go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds to make her arms tighten around you. But I'm also the kind of person who skydives, scuba dives, rock climbs, and generally has no fear of heights.Remember, your passenger is not in charge of the bike.
Her helmet is on (if you followed Tip 1) so she can't communicate with you to tell you to slow down or that she's scared.
Believe me, normal riding at normal speeds will be exciting enough for the first few rides. It might work with a lot of girls, but it could backfire, and you could lose out on a great girl by moving too fast too soon. She has her own set of gear, which you notice with pride she keeps at the front of her closet, obviously in a place of honor, and you notice one day that she polished her helmet mask before a long ride. She also asked you to go sunglasses shopping with her, saying, "I need a pair that has more wind protection for our rides." She's taking ownership of her gear.
On weekends when you have free time together, she's the one who suggests a motorcycle ride to get where you are going, or just a cruise for fun, with no particular destination.Success is close.
You have done well with the above, or your own version of these suggestions, because you now have a woman who can actually become the coveted moto partner instead of merely moto passenger.
Even if you are a motorcycle instructor by profession, and even if you have been riding for longer than you could walk, do not be her motorcycle teacher, at least not beyond the basics, and not on your own bike. Learning to ride a bike can be frustrating (results will vary of course; some people are naturals).
Beginners need gradual instruction, step by step, and are not always fun to teach if you are not a patient person. There's a chance you will be an excellent teacher, and that she won't drop your bike and feel mortified over it, and that you will teach the proper progressions, emergency procedures, and techniques correctly. But why risk it, when so much can go so wrong if you do it incorrectly?The best next step: BUY HER A MOTORCYCLE SAFETY COURSE. There's always a holiday not too far away (that's the American way!) so wait until the next special event; birthday, Christmas, Festivus, your anniversary, Valentine's Day, President's Day, 4th of July, whatever. Pair it with some jewelery, or a new piece of moto gear, and if you can afford it, take the course with her as a refresher, or just watch from the sidelines and cheer her on. This is an important step, because these courses are designed to teach all the things she needs to know, will allow her to get a DMV waiver in many states, and allows her to practice with other beginners in a non-judgmental and non-rushed environment. Plus you get to take cute photos of her, which she can later post on her own women's rider blog (see my photo on my cute tiny Honda Rebel that I rode on in my course, in my first blog post). As an added bonus, you don't have to grit your teeth and lie, "No worries, babe, that's nothing, everyone drops a bike when they're learning," if she drops your bike, mortified.

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