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However the cost of booking your cruise is really only half the cost, because unlike all-inclusive resorts, everything is not included on a cruise. So if you’re considering your first cruise, I can certainly tell you that this type of holiday offers something for everyone. What’s even better is that there are many companies on the world wide web that specifically cater to handicapped travel, whether you just want a slower paced holiday or intend to travel with a walker or a  wheelchair. Our specialties include long stay vacations, resorts, destinations, tours, accessible travel and cruises. Tour overview: We are glad to launch this holiday which suits the needs of travelers over the age 50 with youth spirits. Temple of Heaven A master piece of Ming-dynasty architecture; it served as an exclusive altar for the emperors to worship the Gods. Forbidden City Served as the Palace Museum nowi??it was once home to 24 emperors in Chinese history.
Hutongs The traditional living quarters of local people; they are formed by narrow alleyways, streets, courtyard houses, grey walls and tiles.
Summer Palace Located at the Shore of Kunming Lake, it was once the summer retreat of the emperor, combining water, hill and large palaces. Activity:Transfer to visit the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, in the afternoon, visit the Bell Tower. Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses The miraculous archeological discovery in last century, famed as the worlda€™s eighth wonder; over 8,000 life-size, vivid statues were lined in battle formation. Bell Tower A three-storey wooden structure right at the very center of Xian, featuring the architectural style of the Tang and Song dynasties; as its name applies, the large iron bell hung in the tower makes the time each day. Activity:Take flight to Guilin, be met and transferred to visit Reed Flute Cave and have a stroll around the Central Lake Park.
Reed Flute Cave a brilliance cave with spectacular a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition; illustrated by colored lighting to form a fantastic cave.

Li River The River offers unparallel scenery with rolling hills, clear waters bamboo forest, small villages, fisherman and villagers along the journey.
Yangshuo Bike Riding You will be escorted by the guide to take about 1.5-2 hours bike ride to the countryside to see the stunning landscape around Yangshuo and the local farmera€™s life.
Yuyuan Garden A charm and quiet garden located in the city heart of Shanghai separated travelers from the bustling street; it is a classical Chinese architectural marvel with traditional pavilions, bridges and rocks inside. Nanjing Road A bustling pedestrian road, with shopping malls, coffee shops, stores, hotels, and elegant Western and Chinese restaurants; a nice place to feel the vibe of Shanghai. MoaTrek's small group tours are popular with discerning mature travellers who appreciate the finer things in life and desire a unique, personable experience. Tours are designed for those who desire a leisurely pace, with four to eight day itineraries. MoaTrek pays attention to the finest details to ensure you enjoy the ultimate, relaxed and personal New Zealand touring experience and a freedom and flexibility only small group travel delivers. Discover the essence of each region through festivals, private gardens tours and country hospitality. Supreme Travel Ltd is renowned for its high quality services and boasts of a very good reputation and is the leading transport company on the island. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In order to register, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There are even motorized wheelchairs that are made for traveling, are lightweight and can be completely disassembled.
Mature tourists can fully rest on the unmatched levels of service and easy enjoy the grand site or charming landscape along the trip! With the magnificent architectures and royal gardens well-left, it is the largest imperial palace in the world.

Take a rickshaw tour to get a glimpse of Old Peking Culture, and pay a visit to a local family. The most popular way to enjoy its beauty is by river cruise, bamboo raft or hiking along the bank.
Discover the essence of each region through festivals, private garden tours and country hospitality. Comfort is important and length of travel each day is kept as short as possible to ensure a more relaxing journey.
For 25 years, MoaTrek has been operating exclusive small group tours popular with discerning travellers who appreciate the finer things in life. Enjoy the leisurely pace of these itineraries and a relaxed and inclusive touring experience. Alcoholic beverages and pop are not included, and neither are any side trips or tours that you may take while in port.
Each cruise line provides its own guide to tipping and they may add tipping fees to your bill, based on the number of days of your cruise. Now that I’m home again, it’s been quite an unwelcome surprise that nobody is cooking for me or feeding me every two hours anymore! You can find  companies that design custom made accessible vacations for the traveler who wants a vacation at a different pace in all the wonderful holiday spots around the world.  You can even find travel companions for seniors which makes your vacation much easier than traveling alone.
These travel companies specifically cater to seniors and disabled persons and will even book a vacation for you that will give you no nasty surprises once you arrive at your vacation destination.

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