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Many types of information have their own vocabulary along with conventions for visual communication. Most of you probably recognize this as music, but can you read the music and identify the piece? Jargon and industry-specific terminology is appropriate for some audiences, and can actually reduce or eliminate the language barrier presented by text descriptions. Bilingual English-German, voracious reader, water sports, knitting, and college basketball (go Blue Devils!). My favorite example of a compact, highly audience-dependent (though not graphical) format is the baseball box score.
Sports in general is a good example of communication that requires subject matter knowledge.
I love seeing charts that are mystifying until somebody provides the key that turns it into a meaningful progression (I got two out of this post).
I agree with Nicky, though, that an attempt to say the same thing in prose would be disastrous.

But achieving lucidity is only possible when you are steeped in both the language of the field and the practice of the field. Know your user, while correct, has always had a kind of condescending tone about it, at least to my ear. I’m not much of a visual thinker either, Diane, so I’m the wrong person to ask! For more formal articles, white papers, and webcasts, try the resources or view upcoming events. But unfortunately for the worldwide knitting community, there are many regional variations. And also, savor the possibilities for communicating a lot of technical information in a small space — like a tablet or even a smartphone screen.
The TV graphics overlaid on baseball, basketball, or football are chockfull of status information if you know what you are looking at. One of my favorites is featured heavily in Edward Tufte’s book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

We deal with complex things, and to make the explanation less complex than the task is to misrepresent the task.
I am certain some of my topics could use a bit of visual help but since I don’t think visually, I miss some great opportunities. In these examples, anything short of a visual presentation would have been silly but what about areas where we could write the steps or instructions but would be better served by visual cues? Abbreviations like k2tog (in knitting), dc (crochet), or mf (music) are obvious to the insider and incomprehensible to the outsider.

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