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When Kendall and I were planning our wedding in 2010, we wanted to provide our friends and family a website to visit where they could find the wedding schedule, maps, photos, and our registration.
At the time, the options were pretty limited, so Kendall ended up creating something from scratch. Thankfully, over the following years, all that has changed and there are now a variety of wonderful ways to create wedding websites and hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from.
The first step in setting up any website is choosing a domain where you site will be visible to the public.
For creating a wedding website, I think there’s really only one good option for hosting and that is Bluehost.
If you are more technically savvy and want to do a manual install to have more control over the process then follow these simple steps. My Wedding is a beautiful, flexible WordPress theme for weddings that provides all the features you will need to create and maintain your wedding website. Honeymoon is a beautiful, parallax WordPress theme that uses big, high-impact images to put you and your partner front and center.
The creators of the Honeymoon theme stress the quality of there code and conformity to best coding practices.
The Just Married theme is a fast to deploy, and easy to use WordPress theme from the folks over at Theme Fuse, it comes with a collection of great layouts and customization options. The theme design is reminiscent of a card layout, meaning that it looks a little like a wedding invitation card.
The Wedding Day theme offers all the features you need in a wedding theme with a beautiful modern layout and left side menu. Qaween is a beautiful parallax theme for weddings that could easily work for other projects after your wedding is over.
Guides and Tutorials This post may contain affiliate links, which means Nimbus Themes may receive compensation if you make a purchase using these links. Evan Scoboria is the co-founder, and developer at Shea Media LLC, the team behind Nimbus Themes, this magazine, and a bunch of very happy clients. Effortless implementation and flexibility makes WordPress a great enterprise web content management solution. Personal blogs are used for various reasons, whether you want to share information about your recent travels to Spain or if you are starting to reveal some of your favorite baking recipes with your friends and family. The idea of content sharing involves the process of finding cool articles, videos, images and other forms of media and distributing it to your followers. The best WordPress themes on the market today come jam-packed with so many custom features that often you don’t need to look any further for another web template ever again. Whether you're a designer, small business, non-profit or entrepreneur, our themes are made for you.
I started dreaming about what the ultimate wedding website would be: a visually beautiful, easy-to-navigate destination on the web that connected all of my guests with each other and with all of the info they actually cared about. Once our site was finished, my fiancé and I sent the link around to our guests and were amazed at the reaction! Our wedding site was so much of a hit, in fact, that several of our engaged friends asked if they could use the code for their own wedding site.

Weduary makes it easy for any bride and groom to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. It was beautiful and perfectly matched our wedding’s aesthetic, but the process opened our eyes to how difficult making a wedding website could be for someone outside the web development world. In this article, we are going to work through how to make a wedding website with WordPress using one of the beautiful WordPress themes in the collection below.
If you don't expect to have any other websites beyond this wedding site you'll most likely want to go with the Starter level. You have already found an available name in the first step, and this is where you will reserve this domain so that you own exclusive rights to use it. It literally take just a few clicks of the mouse to watch the video and then check back here for the next steps.
There are thousands of WordPress themes all over the web that you can choose from when setting up your website. Choose colors to match your wedding using the feature rich theme options panel and reconfigure the frontpage rows using a drag and drop organizer.
Choose from hundreds of google fonts and an unlimited number of color options allowing you to perfectly match your wedding website to the colors and theme of your wedding.
Choose from a huge number of Google fonts and color options to match your website to your other wedding materials.
These are increasingly important features as the rate of hacking had increased in the recent months and sloppy or insecure code is most often the culprit.
The benefits of this theme include a built-in RSVP form and fast to deploy registration page so your attendees, family and friends can quickly find your registry items. I think this would be an odd design for almost any other application but in this case it seems pretty appropriate and I think it works well.
This theme might not be for everyone and could be a little confusing for older relatives and friends, but it's a novel take on a wedding site so check it out just in case. It is row-based and has tons great features like RSVP forms, countdown timers, built-in maps and much more.
Knowing all of the possibilities that the Facebook API has to offer, I knew it would be pretty simple to build the site of my dreams. Our guests were able to see who they should meet at the wedding based on their common interests and friends, tell personal stories about us (the bride and groom), and even cooler, edit their own personal profile page to declare where they were staying, what their cell phone number was, when they were arriving, and more. Once you log in with your Facebook account, we’re able to detect your spouse and enable you both to import photos you already have of yourselves on Facebook.
It needed to offer basic features like an RSVP form, and we had to be able to update it easily as plans for the event changed. You should have a fully functional website up and running in 15-20 minutes, and I promise that this will be the easiest part of preparing for your special day. We’ve also see lots of wonderful domains names for wedding websites that are whimsical, sweet, and have nothing to do with the names of the bride and groom.
That said, it's really nice to be able to add as many domains as you'd like to the account so take a good look at the Plus plan as well. If you already have a domain, enter it into the field on the right and follow the steps to use it at Bluehost.

While you're going through this process be sure to write down the database name, username and password. You'll want to look for features like an easy to navigate setup process and a beautiful design that matches the aesthetic of your wedding event. If you are interested in seeing examples of this theme in action, just jump over to the theme info page here and peruse the great showcase of theme users. The theme options panel offers you the ability to quickly switch between several pre-built styles and to set a custom background images so you can style the website to fit the aesthetic of your wedding and reception.
Our goal is to do for wedding sites what Tumblr did for blogs and what Paperless Post did for online invitations. As an invited guest to 10 (count them, ten!) weddings this year, I know just how hard it is to keep track of all of my friends’ wedding dates, sites, RSVPs and registries.
Then access your hosting account using your preferred ftp program and upload the latest WordPress files from the official download page.
If you're planning to collect rsvp responses via the website you should make sure the theme comes with a built-in RSVP form that notifies you by email. It also offers a guestbook feature adding an additional value that many themes don't include in there native offerings. Page load times is more important then ever as Google increasingly relies on page load speed to prioritize listings in the SERPs. This is a limited set of options compared to many other themes but sometimes the number of options in modern themes is overwhelming and this might be a nice simplification for those less experienced with WordPress. We are kicking things off with 10 beautiful themes to choose from (sorry Clip Art Fans, this isn’t the place for you), and will be adding more as often as we can work with designers to make them. Once your friends log in, they’ll be able to RSVP to events, see who to meet (and potentially flirt with), tell stories, and more.
Finally you'll want to modify the wp-config-sample file by adding your database information in the correct fields then rename the file to wp-config and upload it to the same location on your server. Additionally you may wish to look for features that assist with your gift registry and event mapping. Article is a good example on how WordPress can effectively help in creating a wedding website. This website can be the central hub where your guests go to stay current on your wedding plans.
For any website, it is required to choose responsive and flexible tools that works well on any device and can be changed as and when required. Make sure you take this last step immediately so your server is not left vulnerable to attack by anyone who stumbles into it.

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