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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! To me it is child abuse to confuse a child at such a young age, to dress them up into their make believe world and send them to school only to be teased by children who are getting more confused by the day! Now I haven’t read this book and nor do I know what has become of KK Hofeling, but now I have learned that not only are there ex-gays, but ex-transgenders too!
Eight years after the surgery I was struggling again with “the wrong body” and regret came. Both of these men are just a couple of examples of people who have changed back to what God originally made them and they both have a common denominator: their love for Jesus Christ! True wisdom in how to live our lives begin with God because otherwise, nothing else will ever make sense. I have read a few of your blog posts, and I think you may be able to offer a new insight to my situation.
I am a Roman Catholic business owner, wife and mother, married for 5 years, and proudly raising my daughter to love God. I have been struggling with this for many years, and my feelings of self-hate just get worse.
Angela, we all struggle with things that cause self-hate and the best advice I can give on that is to recognize what is God’s will for your life. God is not going to zap any sinful thoughts or feelings from our lives – we must act against them.
Now a helpful little set of facts to shed some light as to why so many children are transgender now a days.
In order to continue to get meat to the market at a reasonable price cattle farmers had to finds a way to feed all these cows, and grass is expensive. I am but a messenger of peace, love, and acceptance trying to live in God’s will for me. Shayna, there hasn’t been any judgement on transgenders here on this blog except for the criticism of parents and others who push children to further gender confusion instead of helping them understand their true sexual identities. If you dare to, please read some of the comments made by ex-transgender Walt Heyer who says that there is no such thing as changing your gender.
Thanks for sharing your views Shayna, but please read on and especially what the scriptures have to say about accepting onesself as God made you. That being said, we would like to make it explicitly clear, that we are not threatening your person in any way shape or form. Thank you for making it clear that you aren’t threatening to take my life, although there are some crazies out there who would probably root you on if you wanted to.
Joe, love thy neighbor is the second of the two greatest commandments in the bible (Matthew 22:36-40).
What was striking to me about the ex-transgenders that I shared in this post is that they felt trapped until they became born again. So Joe my challenge for you is that if you truly love God, is it showing in your lifestyle? I normally don’t post these types of comments on my blog, but just in case some foolishness comes about my person, folks will have someone to trace back to.
Other than that, you are still free to post comments as long as from here on out you aren’t threatening anyone – anymore!
Proven is a strong word but yes, it has been conjectured that actual measurable ailment in the brain is responsible for gender assignments.
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I remember when I was in elementary school (in the 1960s) there was a young boy in our class, very outgoing and intelligent, who loved to play with dolls and with the girls at recess. But now on looking back, all I can think is God blessed our community back then, because even though we were all from different backgrounds, all the adults were unified in trying to help this family get their young boy to play and identify with the other boys. But now the culture is demanding all these things be out in the open and accepted as normal. Maybe the real reason more young people are committing suicide is because the adults are caving and no one is studying The Word or being submissive to their Creator. Romans Chapter 1 is an excellent example of the downward spiral of what happens when God lets people have the evil desires of their heart. I believe the same as you do that these young suicide victims are growing in numbers because of the false information being fed to them.
My prayer is also for little Bobby’s mother and grandmother to wake up and look to Christ and His word found in the bible. The Girl Scouts is just one organization among many that will succumb to the LGBT agenda of complete acceptance. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This entry was posted in Funny Pictures, Quotes and tagged boyfriend, ex, Funny, girlfriend, leftover, leftovers, lmao, lol, love, Quote, Quotes, relationship, second, seconds, sloppy on November 1, 2012 by . What is wrong with a mother who decides that just because her boy likes dolls she must now dress him up and treat him like a little girl? There is a book written by a man, KK Hofeling, who transgendered into a woman, and then went back to being a man.
Read about his controversial, up-close, and personal views on the subject as he relays them to the Word of God: the Holy Bible.
I had to admit to myself that the surgery I so desperately sought years before was not the correct treatment. And takes a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ as the first step in complete acceptance of the body that God gave them. I have transgender feelings; that is, I feel as though I was born in the wrong body and should have been born a man.
It’s the same same reason girls are getting there periods as early as eight and nine years old. I believe in God, I am gay, I do not go to church because I know what to believe already: I believe in love.
What people often neglect is the first: to love God with all your soul, your heart and mind! They became truly free after exercising their love for Christ by just being whom they were created as.
So in other words, if you were created a female then God wants you to act like a female and male – male. And without standing on biblical principles of gender uniqueness there is no way these folks will ever completely get it! They need God’s word in their lives that will help them and anyone else confused with this transgender mess. I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and approved for gender reassignment surgery. I truly believe this child feels en thinks like a girl, her mother is only doing a good thing by supporting her child. I have been severely depressed as a result, and prayer and love for my family is sometimes all that gets me through.

When I’ve busied my thoughts on good things and on helping others, then the things that plague me begin to dwindle an no longer hold my thoughts hostage. Perhaps it is you who at a young age had such fear woven into the fiber of your early life that you are blind to conditions others suffer. It’s same reason more men today have female type breast development, and yes it is why breast cancer has so sharply risen. We simply do not appreciate your slandering and your transphobia as well as your homophobia.
What we are saying, is that should your transphobia and homophobia continue in a manner that is derogatory, spiteful, or in any manner that may lead to harmful comments, the action we will take, will simply be to remove this site. In fact, most muslim countries MUSLIM countries while very sick and demented when it comes to homosexuality, do not view transexuality in that same light. Further more I believe many trannies had some form of trauma as a child, which screws the mind up. I am so frustrated and disgusted with our society and weak-minded parents that I could SCREAM!!! The mother is sadly just as confused as the Girl Scouts in not being able to tell that his like of girl toys (which is nothing wrong in itself) doesn’t means he has to be a girl!
Neither the child, nor the mother did something wrong, the child is born this way, society and upbringing can only change how she looks or dresses and presents herself to the outside world, but can and will never change how she feels at the inside, like the girl who she truly is.
I have confessed these feelings to my priest many times, and prayed that God can help me free myself of them, but that never helps. This was great news to farmers to because now they had a high demand for a crop that was easy to grow and grew in many regions. While the internet is a forum for free speech, and as that is the core of our beliefs, we will never attempt to prevent you from voicing your opinion. But instead, I have found myself in more prayer, more blogging, more talking than ever before! So the cattle farmers got scared as did the corn growers and they got approval from FDA to treat the cows with hormones.
Christ promised us that we will be hated for His name sake (Matthew 10:22), so if people can crucify the Lord who never hurt anyone but loved His creation immensely, then who am I to get riled up when someone makes a threat to take my blog down? You see a few decades back large cattle farmers had a sudden increase in the demand for beef.
Naw, that is nothing compared to what my Lord suffered so if my blog comes down it will not be the end of the world for me and nor will it stop me sharing God’s word with people.
If I have stepped out of bounds in any of my actions, I am not too big to seek forgiveness. Not only a growing population of baby boomers but the sudden popularity of the burger stand and fast food. We have basically been altering our own genetic code my medicating our children (from conception) by eating processed beef.
Football, dirt bikes,tried to be rough and tumble, tried not to cry., joined the ARMY, got married. Now many years later I am educated, aware and of solid faith in Christ the savior and God Our Father and a Transgender.

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