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At exclusive events around the country, Lindsey will be parking down with pen in hand, and she can’t wait to get her hands on your copies! Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie?
For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. Lindsey was a very poor seller initially; this led to a delay of a year before Kailey Hopkins was released. Lindsey was the first Jewish character, and the only one until the release of Rebecca Rubin.

With bridezilla texts and late-night counselling sessions, Maddie starts to wonder – is it time to stop being the bridesmaid? Angela’s planning her very own fairytale of New York but Santa’s throwing her a few curveballs.
Meet Rachel Summers: a twenty-something make-up artist whose life is very much going to plan. Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new career as a photographer and a new man, the enigmatic and elusive (and highly irritating) Nick? With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants.

She tries to stop the Pet Parade, help two teachers fall in love, cheer up her uncle, and help out with her brother's bar mitzvah.

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