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Amanda Bynes plays the role of an American teenager who discovers that her politician father is very succesful and quite wealthy.
The sound track for What a Girl Wants was written by John Gregory and Jeff Silbar and is called “Ride of Your Life”. If you'd like to download the What a Girl Wants theme song or download What a Girl Wants trailer you've come to the right place. Here are the latest high resolution What a Girl Wants wallpapers which you can download right now. Changes in css, for better content reading, new thumbnail generation to avoid browser incompatibility issues.
Daphne, a free-spirited American 17-year-old raised by her equally free-spirited mother goes to England to establish a relationship with her father, who turns out to be a prominent political figure heavily involved in social customs.

You are now on the page of a What a Girl Wants, which includes such genres as Comedy, Drama, Romance. What a Girl Wants is the story of this teenager as she tries hard to find up but soon realizes things aren’t quite what they seem. The What a Girl Wants theme song was performed by John Gregory, one of the people who co-wrote it. To watch the What a Girl Wants trailer just click play below and the movie trailer will start playing.
You'll need to use some video download software which you can find online which will let you download the What a Girl Wants theme song video in HD. You can download any of these images to your computer by right-clicking on the picture you want and choosing "save image as".

Daphne must attempt to fit in with the social requirements demanded of her, while also getting to know her father, dealing with his territorial other daughter, and maintaining her own self-identity. Once you've downloaded one of these What a Girl Wants images you can use it as your wallpaper etc.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the What a girl wants club tagged: what a girl wants film 2003 screencaps amanda bynes colin firth kelly preston oliver james.

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