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I always wanted to fall in love with a nerdy chic who could say things so complicated that I wouldn't understand a word of it. I refuse to acknowledge your random bouts of escapism, delusions, desperation, and cognitive dissonance. Augustine094) Yes She Can!093) It's better when it's complicated092) Law of Unintended Consequences091) Who's the boss?090) Stage of Life - Act II089) The Law of Transformeresses088) Knowledge is a dish best served at a buffet087) C is for Cookie and it's good enough for me086) I understand in miracles, you sexy thing085) Nothing good lasts forever084) Three most romantic phrases (in ascending order)083) When my ears were stabbed by the blare of a noisy cell082) Conformists do it because everyone else is081) She's dating a guitarist who hates math080) Final word on the "Nice Guys" theory079) Ninth one this year078) Making the beast with two backs077) Half-empty glass seeks partial fullness076) USB Fluid sold separately075) CompSci Shortest Path algorithms are even worse074) Sold out: "Save the Earth" Special Edition Hummer073) Simile! They deserve a punch in the throat after they have hung up on you, punched you, nagged you, stolen your remote control, ruined your night out, ranted at you, and got you lost.
This list is nothing more than a way to slowly turn women into even more emotional creatures and men into even bigger boys.

Then women start to want a nice guy to help her raise the children she made with the men who were smart enough to know this is BS. If you’re already doing everything that a woman wants from you, that makes you a slave option not a mate option. Period.The women of today have the capabilities to decide whether they want raunchy sex with the most alpha men or a stable relationship with the protective and giving beta.
They have overwhelmingly chosen sex with alpha men who don’t give a shit about them after. I have a feeling it won’t be changing anytime soon so you might as well take the red pill and start learning the PUA shit.

Take it from an ex-nice guy, the last thing you want to do is bend over for a female at any point. LOL!!!Women actually fall IN for the opposite, and they fall OUT from boys whom they can control and manipulate.

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