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We've been told time and time again that Photoshop is playing tricks on us, stretching, smoothing and buffing the models in magazines and ads to make them even more gorgeous (and less realistic). If models are getting the treatment seen in this video, it's no surprise lingerie model Erin Heatherton once said about her photos, "I feel like it looks like someone else. This is a tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff I like.
You see, the media puts this idea into women’s heads that your vagina has to look like ____, smell like ____, and work like ____. On this pro-period website, we'll be deconstructing menstruation, periods, menarches, moontimes and more. Be sure to check out the rest of the great resources we've included on the 'Sites We Like' page.
We'll do our best to answer any questions that you have while we entertain you with our absolutely absorbing period-positive posts.
NOTE: This is a sex-positive, body-positive, gender-neutral, PoC-friendly, queer-happy, LGBTerrific, and trigger-free site.

DISCLAIMER: We give lots and lots of reproductive health-related advice on this blog that is founded on our experiences, the experiences of others and our own thorough, independent research. But, sometimes the circulatory system is considered to be composed of the cardiovascular system (It distributes blood) and the lymphatic Circulatory System.
No two vaginas are identical, and to think something is “wrong” with yours is crazy! As young girls, in sex ed (if we even have sex ed!), we aren’t taught about vaginas and how they look. While we feel that our site is a reliable source of information about reproductive health, we do not claim to be healthcare professionals. Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness. I used to be freaked out, and I wouldn’t actually let my boyfriend put his hand in my pants. You just need to be you and love your vagina (vajayjay, pussy… whatever you call it!).

The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg).
While humans, as well as other vertebrates, have a closed cardiovascular system (that is, the blood never leaves the network of arteries and capillaries), some invertebrates are considered to have an open cardiovascular system.
Of course, I started reading more about it and found out that lots of other women were in the same situation. Two types of fluids move through the Circulatory System Diagram, one is blood, and the other is lymph. The circulatory system is the joint production of the cardiovascular and the lymphatic system.

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