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Ritalin is a drug that falls into the narcotics category, remember that is the same category that includes cocaine and heroin, but Ritalin is medically legal to sell as it cures medical conditions like attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, then avoid Ritalin so the side effects may not transfer to the baby as well as harm you as the body is less immune during pregnancy.
Long term effects Ritalin may have on an ADHD patient or normal people taking it for increased attentiveness are countless. These people cannot accomplish a task with the same flow as they may face fatigue or lethargy while doing things that require mental attention . The chemical composition of methylphenidate contains such elements in a suitable ratio that enhances the performance of patients or normal people using it. If you are nursing mother, it is better to stay away from Ritalin because we are not sure about the traces of Ritalin getting into the breast milk.

It increases dependence, and the mind may not be able to be attentive as it used to be with the use of Ritalin. A long-term effect Ritalin adults taking near to sleep time may result in sleeping disorders as it is a psycho stimulant. In some cases,long-term effects Ritalin use is not only limited to ADHD patients but doctors may prescribe it to depression patients, insomnia patients, and HIV+ people sometimes to release the pressure and nervousness. You can call these effects the after effects of Ritalin too because it cannot affect you adversely unless taken under contradicted conditions or without the prescription of the doctor. Ritalin that is also called methylphenidate is a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS) and its proper use causes the brain to function effectively and efficiently, but the stimulant effects may also misuse. Children under six years of age should not use this drug as the long term effects Ritalin leaves may not be bearable to their underdeveloped brains and bodies.

Some side effects might be serious as severe allergy and rashes on the skin, swelling of body parts as hands, feet, lips, etc.
Other side effects include aggressive behaviors, fast or irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, confusion, anxiety or anything that can be related to being mentally over stimulated.

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