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Joe and Samantha were the most unlikely childhood friends, growing up in a farm town where black and white didn’t mix. While their choices took them worlds apart, uncontrollable events bring them back together. A riveting story inspired by true events will leave audiences eager to find the hope in unfortunate circumstances and unexpected places.
Watch Below for as Unconditional Clip from Clips That Move Mountains – This book needs your help.
What a lovely and touching movie which embodies all the emotions and struggles of human life with a message of hope. Unconditional love is an act of the will that has absolutely nothing to do with what it will receive in return. The act of Jesus Christ, our beloved Savior giving Himself on the cross for our sins was the ultimate act of unconditional love. The bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him would not perish, but receive everlasting life (John 3:16).
Upon arriving back from our honeymoon a few years ago, my wife and I settled into married life. The reflection in the mirror was of a guy who had swollen, puffy eyes, horrible morning breath, and dried up drool coming out of his mouth which covered the whole right side of his face. In doing so, she will see what I look like in the morning and the kisses will stop without me having to tell her not to kiss me. You will never sink low enough in life to the point where God cannot reach down and pull you to Himself. Unconditional is a Christian film inspired by the true story of two lives intertwined by troubles and trials, victories and hope. Sam’s character plays a big role in Unconditional and in some ways highlights many of the same challenges we face in our own lives.
Sam’s struggle may not look like something each one of us deal with on the outside looking in.
The other main character in this Christian movie is Joe, a young man with a big heart and failing health. Unforgiveness, while it can be based off of something very real that happened, often rabbit-trails into a solitary mindset of selfishness. Joe’s path led him to believe that even if people can take advantage of you, everyone deserves a chance. This movie touched me to my core because I realized that there are days I take people for granted, take opportunities for granted and just plain get stuck in my own ways. About Latest Posts Jennifer KonetesA longtime lover of Christian films, Jennifer is the Co-Founder and Vice President of True Story Christian Movies. When it comes to emotional healing, the way to do this is by creating a safe space in which that person can go about their own healing. It is very difficult for someone to hold space for another who hasn’t already gone through the healing process themselves. They have to be willing to allow you to guide them and to listen to what you have to say with an open mind and an open heart, just as you have to do the same for them. There is total vulnerability for both parties. That vulnerability leaves you both open, emotionally exposed, but it also builds trust and love, and that love is the space within which healing occurs. Subscribe to my blog between now and May 31st and be entered to win a FREE Gloment Vision Poster. Finding unconditional love looks like a lot of work, which is why it is important to let yourself enjoy the benefits of unconditional love that you have shown to the people around you. Why do we as parents act like our love is negotiable, putting our love on the line when we’re upset? Why do we say things to make our kids think there is any possible way that we could love them less because of their flaws? Catching these moments quicker as the weeks go by, quicker because of our growing awareness. The balls are flying at us, coming over that net at lightening fast speeds, and there we are, side by side, playing this game of life together… with our kids. PS: If you liked this post, join our community of mindful mamas and receive weekly notes of inspiration and support for connecting with your kids along with a Hug Each Moment Kit direct to your inbox. I try to make a point to sit down with my kids and remind them that I love them no matter what.
Success is the result of good judgement, which is the result of experience, experience is often the result of bad judgement. The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. My dad never decided what he wanted to do; at times he fought in the army, was a teacher, a boxer, a light engineer, and a then a publican. When a 12-year-old, a 13-year-old, so desperately wants a baby what she's looking for is the kind of unconditional love a child gives a mother and a mother gives a child. My mother was all about unconditional love, and I don't think we give that to our patients a lot.
The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. I converted to Christianity because I was convinced by Jesus Christ as a character, as a personality.
One of my favorite songs from the album is a song called 'For Better or Worse,' and it's basically about unconditional love, which is, I'd say, an ongoing theme in my personal life. When he was born, I looked at my little boy and felt an unconditional love I never knew was inside me. If you want to turn out an atheist child, unconditional love constantly is a good way to do it.

I come from that society and there is a common thread, specifically family values - the idea that you do anything for your family, and the unconditional love for one's children.
Everybody says, 'When you have kids, you really get away from yourself.' But really, it's the most selfish thing I've ever done.
We have a somewhat unconventional marriage in that I work from home and my wife works outside the home and commutes to and from work daily. Surely in our dimly lit bedroom she can’t see what I look like in the morning before she kisses me goodbye, I reasoned to myself. But to my astonishment, the very next morning even with the room brightly lit, she kissed me goodbye anyway!
There is nothing that you could do to straighten yourself up enough for God to accept you anyway. But what intrigued me is that this story involves choices and circumstances that we all face each day ourselves.
But her thoughts and intentions that constantly diverted her attention, day in and day out, were not unlike things we face. He grew up in the outskirts of the city, and after seeing how wrong choices dictated his life, he decided to take control and make a difference. Even though I don’t act out in the same ways that she did, I’ve often been wrapped up in offense, burying my hurt and unforgiveness in my heart. He also believed that if you set a good example, anybody can change, anyone who’s given a second chance can develop into a new person. Instructions on how to claim your free tarot reading are in the final confirmation message. For therapists, this means creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment where a person is free to speak about their feelings and explore their personal story. Seeing the value in it and becoming thankful for it and for those who chose to give it to you. Unconditional love for ourself, and then unconditional love for others (which are, in reality, the self as well). It also requires a lot of unconditional love to be given from the person holding the space to the person within it.
The fact that you were willing to go out of your way to show the person that you love that love is not just enough. Forgiveness is seen as a means to spiritual peace by most religions of the world, life coaches and even psychologists.
Giving yourself a pat in the back for the little things you do and say that puts a smile in another person’s face is totally allowed.
Quicker because of grace and our breath and the support of a circle of other loving parents, equally committed the healing, growing journey that is parenthood. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.
At the end of the day, what they really need you to do is to look at them in the eye and say, 'I'm here for you. And you find out you're the product of the worst situation for a young girl to be in and start her life, and I'm so grateful that my birth mom made the decision she made. The unconditional love received from pets, and the lack of artifice in the relationship, contrast sharply with the much trickier dealings with members of their own species. As he grew, and I watched him stagger about, squeak his first words, and turn into a beautiful little boy, that feeling did not change.
It's like, Okay, I'm going to create unconditional love for myself, and I'm going to need it and want it and ask for it every day, and I'm going to get it. Sam never left the pastures of her rural county, yet found great success as a children’s author. There a only a few very vague references to God’s love and importance of faith; so little references that it actually makes faith seem unimportant and mentioning God with no reference to scripture? But rather than rebuff her goodbye kisses, I decided to make sure the light was on in our bedroom from then on when she left for work. Sam’s grief affects everything she does—she cut herself off from her friends and family, halted creating her art and illustrations, and is filled with depression and rage that makes her act out on a daily basis.
He started a local organization to help underprivileged kids to develop into successful, driven, young adults with good grades, honest reputations, and a vision for a future. Through that process, with guidance and direction from the neutral observer who is providing that space, they may come to have several epiphanies about themselves and what it is that’s been creating their issues all along. If you are a philanthropist sharing part of your hard earned resources with the less fortunate in society or working as a volunteer in home for the old, you ought to be proud of yourself as part of embracing unconditional love. So when I end up reacting to the behavior, I always take a minute to explain that while I don’t like the behavior, there is nothing that could make me love them less. Men I've known before loved my independent spirit and were proud of my success, to the point that they'd become jealous of the time I devote to my career. So I looked at the grass and I thought, 'My god, he's going to know all the things I don't want people to know.' I was really embarrassed. It was more about what she did than what she said, and she made sure I was the best I could be.
Signs and SecretsThese signs will help you understand what unconditional love is, and if it exists in your relationship.
It can taint your perception on truth, deceiving you to believe circumstances are not what they seem and people are not who they say they are.
His unconditional love towards us, when we are at our weakest, propels us forward into a life of freedom, forgiveness, and selflessness. The measure of love between family, parents always say that they love their children unconditionally no matter how much they screw up. One other thing, unconditional love should not just be viewed in the context of showing love for others.

Forgiving people that have done or said things that hurt us is another way of showing unconditional love especially in a romantic relationship where things can go south really fast if couples keep score of each other’s misgivings. However, it is very important to draw the line between embracing unconditional love as a way of life and being a people pleaser which negates the notion of loving yourself unconditionally. Innate deservingness of love, not for anything they did or DO so much as just because THEY ARE. We’re not playing tennis, one on one, on opposite sides of the court as our children. It's not 'I love you' for this or that reason, not 'I love you if you love me.' It's love for no reason, love without an object. While renewing their friendship, Sam and Joe demonstrate their passion to right wrongs in different ways.
We tend to get wrapped up in our own schedules, demands, concerns, deadlines, and routines. You aren’t able to make sound decisions when unforgiveness causes you to react instead of respond, to retaliate instead of regroup. Love happens, but unconditional love is a choice to love somebody, to do things for them for their benefit and not because you expect the favour to be returned. This is why it is important to have conditional relationships because it helps to define limits and boundaries.
Sensing when we are about to move, are moving or have already moved off our center, triggered by something our child has said or done. And it’s not you.The only way to love someone unconditionally is to first learn how to love yourself unconditionally.
Joe gives the little he has left to the forgotten children of his neighborhood, while Sam gives up on the good to seek revenge against the man who took her husband. And she still kisses me goodbye in our brightly lit bedroom right before she walks out the door each morning. Habouring so much anger and negativity only leads to emotional turmoil and unnecessary end to good partnerships. If you struggle to love and be loved, read Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved. If you think that finding the bottom of scotch bottle is all you do, unconditional love for yourself enables you to check yourself into rehab. So if that homeless person you give change to uses it for a pack of cigarettes rather than for food, there is no shame in drawing the line. When they don’t fit into the square hole their school is pushing for them to fit into.
Learn how giving and receiving unconditional love are related, and how you can improve your relationship.“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. O is it because some of those attributes do not appeal to our sinful hearts so we decide to set them aside and focus only on love, reducing God to nothing more than a source of comfort in our minds. It is hard enough figuring out what love is, and differentiating it from infatuation and lust.
If your spouse does not seem to appreciate your gestures of love, it might be wise to cut your losses.
It is allowing yourself to be happy, doing the things that make you happy and letting go of the things, and people that don’t. Ironically, it is the very same quality that makes us who we are, what it separates us from animals, what it makes us superior beings. A simple gesture like being a shoulder to lean on, a comfort during tumultuous times, a listening ear, a surprise gift that will cheer up your partner or a simple ‘have a good day’ note on your own initiative. You don’t try to change your partner’s habits, personality, work, style, or way of being in the world.
That is the essential answer to the ‘what is unconditional love’ question: accepting your partner for who he is. I believe my husband loves me unconditionally because he is supportive of my goals, plans, and dreams.
I feel unconditionally loved – my husband tells and shows me he loves me – so I feel prepared to define what unconditional love is.
I don’t think this is the most important sign of unconditional love, but it’s really important!
If we can’t communicate our love, we can’t feel loved.My thoughts on what unconditional love is may not resonate with you. I can think of a hundred questions that you may be struggling with – such as my friend’s struggle with loving an abusive man. She is sacrificing her life, self-esteem, self-confidence, and even her children because she believes that is what unconditional love is. It may be painful, since all relationships require work and sacrifice, but unconditional love doesn’t destroy you. I’m glad to meet you.Have you talked to your partner about how his comments make you feel? It was awesome advice — especially because it is very, very difficult to change a pattern once its set. He will get more critical, especially if you let him get away with the little things now.I know how exciting it is to fall in love, and how secure it feels to be in a relationship.

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