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Wonder how a star sign associated with the bull can have a gentle, sweet-natured woman on its side? The Taurus Woman is a romantic at heart and she adores a man who showers her with all the romance in the world. And with all these characteristics up her sleeve, who wouldn’t love the Taurus Woman? Excellent, it fit perfectly on my beloved Naila Khan from Karachi she is same i love t have this preciious details. Although considered being an open and a straightforward practical person, female Taurus will have a hard time admitting that she minds her neighbor having a richer husband, a more beautiful house or a more expensive car.
The male Taurus is not easily aggravated, but apologizing does not go along with his personality either. The stable and determined Taurus bride will surprise everyone with her lavish wedding trousseau.
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Everyone says that they like to sleep, enjoy good food or travel, but it seems that each sign likes something more than others.
Taureans are focused on enjoyments, so things they enjoy the most are sleeping, great food and sex. Cancers feel the best when with their families around the dining table, with a lot of delicious food on it.
Exercising, good looks and staying in shape are important things in the lives of every Leo. It is not important whether the plans are realistic or not, Virgos will make them and do their best to realize them. Scorpios have a weakness for physical pleasures, not for food and sleep, but for pleasure in bed without which they cannot live.
Sagittarian like the sense of freedom and moving- at work, travels or relationships without limits. Pisces are, deep in their hearts, hidden romantics; for them, there is nothing better than to be on a vacation with a person you love by your side.
Yes, the Taurus woman has an explosive temper lurking underneath her loveable personality, but she draws it all out only when provoked beyond limits. She tends to get comfortable with the people and things she likes and finds her security among them. She loves gifts, sweet nothings and to be told she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Although she is a loyal family member and can walk the mile for her parents, grandparents, siblings and children, she knows where to draw the line. She goes after labels and the finest imported fabrics because she doesn’t like settling for less when it comes to fashion.
If you choose wisely, you will get rewarded whenever a Taurus has done something to wrong you. At times when you get fed up with that kind of behavior she will just shrug her shoulders and look at you forgiving with her warm big eyes simultaneously offering freshly baked cookies.

Him being always right, what should he even apologize for, apart from him being extremely tolerant and patient, which actions of his could even make you angry?
She is in-charge of her life and equally in-charge of all the little details for her wedding. With her mind always travelling to distances far and wide, she will have many great ideas that might seem impossible to the onlookers! Plus, all eyes better be on her during the wedding preparations and on the big day else you can expect a tantrum coming your way! She doesn’t care who wants what; all she knows is how she wants her wedding party to be and who all are going to attend.
However, the ever-optimistic bride needs to realise that not everyone, including the groom, will enjoy a sky-diving wedding! Yes, equipped with a determination made of solid steel, the Capricorn bride will plan her wedding smoothly, in record time. Have all your latin bride questions answered, including how to be succesefull and avoid scams, tonight at 9:30 PM EST! They are lovers of massages, smooth surfaces and soft materials, spending time with family, and keeping order in life. They put a lot of energy into the relationship with their partners, friends or family members. They like all kinds of physical activities, provocative clothes, to stand out in the crowd, silk, gold and to save money. They like to prove themselves and to make their way to promotions, be innovative, have new ideas and secrets known only to them.
They like to philosophies and play smart on something, and adore small children and animals.
That's why they like to be assigned different responsibilities and opportunities to demonstrate everything they can. They like the sea and everything connected to it, nature and animals, daydreaming and visiting new places. However, if she is ignited over time and provoked beyond limit, the explosive temper that follows is tumultuous, harsh and destructive. Because it’s very difficult to truly anger her, she is quite the preferred match among men. She may not have hundreds of friends, but those she has she is loyal to and expects the same from them. If she finds her generosity being taken advantage of, she’s practical enough to put an end to it. She will tolerate spending your evenings out clubbing, but she will never forgive your incompetence for providing enough (?enough? being more than your neighbor makes).
He does not even comprehend why you should be angry, when he has provided all those things for you, things other women could just dream of. Plus, she prefers doing things her way so don’t be surprised if you see this bride-to-be running around for all her wedding-related errands. The earthy Taurus bride loves to deck herself in beautiful warm colours, the deeper the better. For the jumpy, full of beans Gemini bride, it would be great if she narrows down on ideas way before her wedding and ensures she sticks to them! She is a super moody bride too – can be happy, chirpy one moment and in the next instance she will make everyone cry with her antics. Mother Nature is biased towards Leos too and has blessed them with grace, charm, beauty, sex appeal and vivacity.

She will doll up enough in her silks and laces so that her friends and family obsess over her so much that there is no room for discrepancies. But when she does make up her mind to get married, she will want it all – traditional as well as crazy quirky ideas rolled into one day.
I am a cheerful, caring, open-minded, optimistic, enthusiastic, kind-hearted thoughtful and sexy lady.
Their priority is their financial security, and emotional as well- so they tend to make safe and rational decisions about their future. Apart from that, they are crazy for socializing of any kind, they like to discuss, even argue, do several things at the same time and save time, they like gadgets and technology in general.
They like to be praised and complimented, to be rewarded for their work, they like flowers, to tidy history and watch documentaries. In love and friendship, they insist on a lot of attention, they like to be complimented on everything they do.
Apart from that, they like to have several possibilities in everything, to have their medicine cabinet full (just in case), perfumes, having a shower, helping others, practical things and comfortable shoes. They like to discuss the things they're interested in, to read and listen to interesting information, and visiting trendy and luxurious places.
They also like people with an unusual approach to life who help widen their horizons, kissing and romance, spontaneous parties and sports.
The sense of freedom and lack of restrictions are very important to them, so they like people who do not ask questions and do not have big expectations, but let them define their relationship. They have a weakness for healthy, organic food, mountains and waterfalls, people who are gentle and polite and for their own privacy hidden from other people. She loves keeping it classy, tasteful and elegant because according to her, clothes maketh the woman. Being that he must always have the last word, it is difficult for the male Taurus to understand that there exactly the problem lies. Yes, like every other personality trait, a bride’s demeanor, her personality, her actions-reactions etc. However, beneath all the hullaballoo, she is a practical woman and if things are going way beyond her budget, she will turn to the next best affordable item! They appreciate erotic and sexuality exploration, they like it when their partner makes an inner for them, and they have a weakness for sweets.
He likes expensive travels, nice food and beautiful things they can share with the people they love. When obstacles come in the way of her friendship, she takes the wiser way by opting to talk the problem out patiently.
If he understands that, he will try to materialize the expressions of his apology with kisses, hugs, tasty bites and of course, money. So as long as all of them make it to the wedding, and enjoy her big day with her, she has no other asks!
However, this bride needs to stop and smell the roses else she will need smelling salts on her big day with no rest! Unlike other brides, a Scorpio bride will opt for the best wedding planner to ensure her wedding is awesome.
However, she needs to learn that not everyone can be happy about her and therefore, she needs to do away with these toxic folks.

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