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You can play the small version of this game completely free of charge, as it's enhanced with ads.
Use your puzzle skills to build the glorious capital of an ancient empire in Cradle of Rome.
Help General Victorious protect Rome from a barbarian invasion in the online version of Roads of Rome 3. Rebuild three pristine islands after a disaster strikes in Rescue Team, a daring challenge. Travel to the mythical ends of Rome to find a cure for Caesar in the online version of Roads of Rome 2. Restore three new islands after a devastating tornado strikes in the online version of Rescue Team 2. Remove the bubbles as fast as you can in the exciting online bubble-shooter game, Clusterz!

Googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board!
Play the online version of Seven Seas Solitaire, and prove the innocence of a naval war hero!
Prepare a wondrous castle for a grand meeting in Chronicles of Albian - The Magic Convention. Find Blackbeard's lost treasures in the online version of Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles.
Rescue a missing child from a wizard's spell in the online version of Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings. Use magic skills to rescue your loved one from sinister goblins in the online version of Hidden Magic! Discover the terrible secret that lies buried in the online version of Stray Souls - Dollhouse Story.

Play Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt and dig mines and prospect for gold nuggets and other treasure!
Dig into the mines and search for gold nuggets and other treasure in Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt Pro! Play Bato - Treasures of Tibet and find a strategy to clear all the coloured stones from the board!
Dig deep into the mine and search for gold nuggets and other treasure in Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt Basic! Shoot balls in Zuma, search for gold in Gold Rush or start your own restaurant chain in Delicious!

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