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It's pretty rare when Cartoon Network released an entire season of one of their series on DVD.
A live action Bioshock movie has been in the works since the first game's release back in 2007. As the year starts to wind down, so dows the wait for Skyfall, James Bond's return to the big screen after only just a few years. Despite it's woes in the past, Riddick has come forth as this massive piece that lead actor Vin Diesel has been a large driving force behind. It seems the entire world is in awe of Jennifer Lawrence after nearly everyone and their grandmother ventured out into theaters to go see The Hunger Games.
Though a Child's Play remake has been in very early development for a little while now, not much has come out of it so far. Rise of the Guardians has received sporadic updates here and there, but hasn't really emerged in terms of marketing just yet.
Last week's New Girl delivered on the laughs with a sweet story about Jess and the new man in her life, but left us a little down about the lackluster storyline for the other roomies. With the Paranormal Activity franchise mastering the craft, other efforts such as The Devil Inside, along with future films Chernobyl Diaries, a Vatican project from the director of Devil, and more.

We know that the script is currrently in the process of being written, and one villain that was tossed around, but will most likely may not come to fruition was Peter Dinklage as MODOK. With Gore Verbinski departing Rapture as director, but still in as producer, the latest director attached to the project Juan Carlos Fresnadillo may be out as well.
With House going off the air later this year, FOX has assured that veteran series aren't always safe from the swift sting of ending their runs.
With an interesting cast following him, which includes Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff, the film has received numerous updates from Diesel as production went on. The actress has become a household name overnight, and certainly has an impressive slate of future projects. The last time the franchise was ever dormant happened to be eight years ago with Seed of Chucky, though the series lost the original moniquer in 1991 with the third film. The next big film for Dreamworks after this summer's Madagascar 3, the movie has quite the impressive roster of actors who will be performing voiceover roles. Now, perhaps the network is out to change that, as they've just announced a complete first season package for their hit Adventure Time.
Now, the latest additions to the Bond girls roster Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris are getting their chances to shine with new video featurettes, and they looks like quite the heavy hitters.

Now, after nearly three months off the air, it seems the crime dramedy isn't going anywhere soon as the network has announced that Booth and Brennan will be kicking up crime once again. Now, the actor can breathe a sigh of relief as he has officially confirmed that the film is in the bag. One of her recently delayed efforts House at the End of the Street was pushed into the fall, mostly due to the lack of marketing around the film. Now, the company has released the first trailer for the film, which shows quite the dramatic outing for the most part. Now, Dimension Films is developing their own low-budget genre feature, this time revolving around the idea of vampires. Now, the first trailer for the horror film has been released and is sure to leave you just a little bit dizzy.

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