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Julia wanted to be able to use any plates we find and thought it seemed pointless to not allow certain vehicles. There IS something wrong with being so stubborn that you refuse to listen to what your wife would like to do or consider her opinion or idea as valid.
It wasn’t the “rules” of the games that caused tension between Julia and me.  It was the way I was inflexible about something so trivial and didn’t care what she thought. Don’t adopt an attitude of always sticking with YOUR way of doing things or pre-decided ideas. Our full-color Licence Plates are made of non-rusting, heavy gauge .025" aluminum and fade resistant for up to 5 years!
Visit our Custom Designs page for general information about ordering license plates with your custom designs. Also read our FAQ on image requirements with regards to resolution, size and other matters. I know I said I was done with licence plates, but can you seriously expect me to pass this one up? After posting the results of my licence plate hunt last autumn, I vowed never to take or post a picture of another licence plate again. A couple of years ago, I spent the better part of four months examining every truck, tractor, piece of heavy equipment, and work site I passed, looking for warning labels.
Compulsively looking at, taking pictures of, and remembering licence plates has an interesting side effect: it can somewhat de-anonymize people in cars. And then there was the driver who blasted his horn at me as he passed me way too aggressively on a wide-open street two weeks ago.

Through all of this, there was only one complaint about a guy on a bike (usually) with a camera stopping to take a picture. Of course there were almost too many to count that got away, passing too fast for a picture, in weather I refused to subject my camera to, or just at the wrong time of day while I was too busy scurrying along my way. Looking back with more than thirty years of hindsight, I think that decision was one of the best of my single-digit years and saved me the kind of annual disappointment that could be expressed only on a personalized licence plate.
I eventually gave up on the NHL entirely when the 1994 lockout showed me that the entire league wasn’t worthy of my energy. A great replica of Herbie's famous license plate The OFP 857 plate has embossed aluminium letters, and CALIFORNIA at the top in Vinyl.
Using materials that you already have but need a blank license plate to bring your ideas into fruition? Other than the familiar ones I see on my street or parked along my regular commuting route, I don’t really think that I encounter any individual car more than once in my life. As he cut inches in front of me on a quiet residential street (and signed bike route, no less), he almost certainly didn’t realize that I not only recognized his peronalized plate, but that I knew exactly which driveway it was parked in three minutes earlier, where I see it virtually every morning. The vast majority of drivers that I spoke with were not only amused to be part of my project, but also told me the story behind their personalized plate. Those of you reading through the RSS feed should visit the original page for the full gallery effect with commentary. I had an official jersey and countless other bits of merchandise, I went to a few games a year, I watched Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday, and I knew the stats of every player. It’s also the very first decision I can actually remember sitting down, thinking about, and then sticking with.

Order this standard sized license plate blank (6" x 12") and let your creativity and imagination soar. For the most part, people in cars are anonymous to everyone else, and you don’t really attach any significance to one Honda Civic versus another. I may not know anything about the owner of the car, but I do know that the complete stranger whose licence plate made me laugh on Merton Street in the spring traded in her Land Rover for a convertible that she was driving up Pape Avenue last week. The owner of IM URS, for example, told me that he’d inherited it from his mother and it was one of the things he remembered her by. I cheered like you wouldn’t believe that time that they went all the way to the semi-final before being eliminated. So when I see people of my age or older talking about the Leafs’ chances this year, I just shake my head and wonder how they can stand it year after year. It was fun, but boy howdy, was I ever ready to stop looking for warning signs after I was done. Most of the time though, the cars were empty and no one was around to tell me the personal significance of a plate. Soon after I finished that project, I embarked on another: taking pictures of vanity licence plates.
I decided right then and there that the Leafs would only ever break my heart and weren’t worthy of my loyalty or energy.

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