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Step II: Any product will have two parts and so Right part will consist of Product of both deficits and left part would consist of cross subtraction of either of one number and others deficits (plus carry). If in right part the number of digits of product of both deficits are more than number of zero of working base, then the number of digits equal to number zeros is written down and rest is carried over to the left part.
Now, here the number of digits in right part of 385 is 3 and working base (100) have 2 digits and therefore, 3 is carried over to left part.
Education: Sharadashram Vidyamandir SchoolThe Champ Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24th April 1973 in Bombay. Numerology Calculator for Names Using a Numerology Calculator for names allows you to discover the unique vibration associated with your name. First Name Numerology, Learn more about your personality, what’s important to have in your life, and who you are meant to be.
It’s important to note that they do not originate from Vedic numerology’s destiny number, which deals more with how other people view the person in question. The summation of the numbers made by your full birth name is the resulting number that reveals your expression number. Those that have been given the number one are known as being extremely ambitious and courageous. Ones make great business owners and can generally go into any field they wish, thanks to their incredible concentration.
In direct contrast to number one, this group of people is actually more apt to avoid being the center of attention. A three’s personality is extremely social by nature, which can be dangerous considering that they are also extremely sensitive. Fives are largely the opposite of fours, especially in the area of stability and self-discipline.
Number sixes are always looking out for the other people in their lives, putting themselves last. This can be bad as they can smother people and prevent them from learning to do things on their own, which snowballs into the larger problem of always needing to help the same people over and over again.
Another leader by habit, eights are incredible business people with oracle-like abilities to discern what a company needs to flourish in the future.

Eights will be happiest in life if they can learn to use their incredible abilities for the betterment of those they love and, eventually, the world they live in. Number nine is often regarded as the godly number, and in many schools of numerology it is reserved for the holy deity themselves.
People born to the number nine are always striving to improve themselves and feel the need to improve their surroundings as well. Because of this, elevens tend to be the innovators of the world, the avant-garde artists, and the revolutionary leaders. Finally, twenty-twos are known for having an over the top skill for building and architecture.
People born to this number have many conflicting traits which they must learn to meld together in order to be happy in life. I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. About astrology and the horoscope You may be at the stage of asking, "What is a horoscope?" What is astrology all about?
Numerology (Beta) Note: The world famous numerologist, Cheiro, in his work, admits that he neither discovered nor is responsible for the birth of Numerology.
The numerical value of your name can have a considerable influence on the course of your life! Finding out your results for this number can be helpful in the discovery of what you are capable of, as well as providing some guidance in a career path. Each Individual letter of your name is assigned a specific single-digit number which are then added together to create a final answer. Sometimes this means that a person is extremely efficient in solving problems and their life is totally organized. They tend to be extremely successful financially, but have the fatal flaw of letting the power get to their head. They are multi-talented but prefer careers that “make a difference” and have some kind of significant meaning within society.
These people are extremely energetic and practically lift up the world around them merely with their presence.

Fibonacci Number: In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers form a sequence defined by the following recurrence relation. They make excellent leaders and have decent social skills, yet still prefer to be solitary much of the time. They are the artists of the world, though many of them may not realize it until making an attempt to access their artistic side.
Their pool of friends tends to be quite diverse as they are extremely social and have some of the best people skills of this list. A seven can guess what happened at a crime scene with only a couple of pieces of evidence, or catch someone in a lie after only a few sentences. They have an almost divine ability to understand the workings of the universe and seem to pull thoughts straight from the future. It is a very spiritual number, with personal success and security relying on chasing dreams, but also strictly efficiency-oriented. Sachin Tendulkar is captain of Mumbai Indians Team in IPL.From the period of 1 January to 24 February, 2010 Sachin Tendulkar will be under the influence of Shani (Saturn). This period does not permit him to do things in a big way, and the health of his spouse could create some mental anxiety. However this period is VERY good for sachin to earn more fame and rankings in his career by great performance.
Sachin, this is not good time for purchase of land, wait for another better period, and you have to work hard during this period.Astro Pandit feels that February is good time for fame and respect of Sachin Tendulkar, during this time he will come across an opportunity to be with learned people.
During this period Budh is in house number 7 for Yearly Horoscope Chart of Sachin Tendulkar. During this time travel will be of great significance, and Family life shall be full of pleasure.

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