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The numbers used in numerology to indicate one's life path number run from 1 to 9, with the exception of Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33. As far as Life Path Number Compatibility goes, there are certain numbers that complement each other better than others.
She was born on Friday December 2nd 1983, in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York, United States. Sarah Vandella is gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great wealth.
If ever there was a single moment of total transformation, it was actually the moment of Sarah Vandella's birth. If you have any questions regarding the calculation method I use, and the reasoning behind it, please visit my page on How to Calculate your Life Path Number, and if you are unsure, or would like to know exactly how your Life Path Number is calculated, feel free to leave me a note below with your date of birth. She has great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in business and financial matters. In that instant, Sarah stepped through a door in time into a new reality - the reality of human life. All of this time spent in thought pays off with a depth of knowledge that is fed from multiple sources. Sarah understands the material world; she intuitively knows what makes virtually any enterprise work. The most critical number in Vandella's numerology chart is based on the date of her birth - the moment when the curtain went up in Sarah Vandella's life. Their thinking is studious and scientific with a conclusion never being drawn without careful effort and dissection. All types of people can have a master number, and it doesn't make one person any more special. Her talent lies not with the bookkeeping or petty management, but with the greater vision, it's purpose, and long range goals.
In the example given, it would be 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 or 24- which then reduces to 2 + 4 or 6.

It simply means that these people have many more obstacles and challenges along the way, and accordingly have the potential to achieve something that much more powerful in their lifetime.
The Life Path number is a representation of who you were when you were born and how those ingrained traits will take you through life. Once they have come to a conclusion, though, it is nearly impossible to change their mind on the subject. She possesses the ability to inspire people to join her in her quest, but often they are incapable of seeing what she sees.
Therefore, those around Sarah Vandella need her continual guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. Sarah Vandella attracts financial success more than any other Life Path, but effort is still required.
There is a tendency to rely on their own capabilities so much that their romantic partners don't feel like they need to be around. Her challenge in life is to achieve a high degree of detachment, to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind. They are able to make evaluations rapidly and accurately due to their incredibly keen mind.
It is hard for these people to open up and truly connect with another person since they are so self contained. Those born with the Number 8 Life Path who do not understand the real and relative value of money are bound to suffer the consequences of greed; they run the risk of losing it all! Perfectionists, they hold themselves and others up to high standards of thoroughness and completion.
It is not uncommon for a person with Sarah's Life Path to experience major reverses, including bankruptcies, financial failure, but she also have the talent and the sheer guts to make more than one fortune, and build many successful enterprises. A sense of selfishness can develop to the point that some will chose to live alone permanently. Once they get to know someone well and can see that they are worthy, the wall will lower and a lifetime friendship will be established.

Getting rid of the negative aspects can be hard due to a sense of entitlement to an aspect they are not receiving. Despite the difficulties that life presents, Sarah Vandella will experience the satisfaction that comes from material wealth and the power that comes with it.
Though they are charming and poised with a great wit, they will often seem like they are standing off to the side alone. Business, finance, real estate, law, science (particularly history, archeology, and physics), publishing, and the management of large institutions are among the vocational fields that suit Sarah best.
She is naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership - Politics, social work, and teaching are among the many other areas where her abilities can shine.
Vandella is a good judge of character, which aids her well in attracting the right people to her. Most 8s like large families and sometimes tend to keep others dependent longer than necessary. Although jovial in nature, Sarah Vandella is not demonstrative in showing her love and affection. Vandella may become too self important, arrogant, and domineering, thinking that her way is the only way. Sarah Vandella must be careful of becoming stubborn, intolerant, overbearing, and impatient. These characteristics may be born early in the life of an 8 Life Path, who often learns these negative traits after suffering under a tyrannical parent or a family burdened by repressive religious or intellectual dogmas. Those with the 8 Life Path usually possess a strong physique, which is a symptom of their inherent strength and resiliency.

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