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Having read Sandra Byrd’s first book, To Die For (my review), in the Ladies in Waiting series and loved it, I knew that I had to read The Secret Keeper, the second in the series which just released on June 5 as well. Juliana forms a close relationship with Kate and views her as the mother she never had as her relationship with her own mother is not close whatsoever.
I read The Secret Keeper by Sandra Byrd for her book tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours.  Be sure to check out all the other tour stops and you can find Sandra on her website as well as Facebook and Twitter!  Your own copy of The Secret Keeper can be purchased here in the US or here in Canada. Be sure to pop back in tomorrow as Sandra joins us with a guest post and giveaway of The Secret Keeper!
This newest offer from Sandra Byrd is sure to please her fans along with any new ones looking for a good historical read. In turn Kate also trusts Juliana with things she doesn’t trust her other ladies with. I get a fictional tale of Juliana who is a great character and captured my interest with her loyalty and just how good a person she was but I also get to learn more about a favorite period in history.

It is brimming full of court intrigue, betrayals, balls, scandal, and love and brings the Tudor world alive in stunning detail! As her family has a relationship with Thomas Seymour Juliana is lucky enough to be asked to attend Kateryn Parr (Kate) who at the time is Lady Latimer.
Juliana will and does do anything Kate asks of her and her loyalty to the queen never falters. She meets one who catches her eye; an Irishman named Jamie but he seems quite popular with all the young women yet they seem to have an attraction to each other.
Katerine Parr has always intrigued me and like you, I haven’t read too much about her yet.
However soon enough Lord Latimer passes and Kate is pursued by Henry VIII, who as we all know gets what he wants. Another unusual thing about Juliana is she possesses the gift of prophecy – she sees things that will happen in the future.

However there are other less desirable men who have their eye on Juliana and one such man may take Juliana’s life and destroy it. The Secret Keeper is another winner for Sandra Byrd and just another reason I keep coming back for more. They marry despite Kate’s long time love for Thomas Seymour and Juliana goes along with Kate as one of her ladies-in-waiting. She is always deeply disturbed by these visions but she also pays close attention to them and what they might mean for the future. As life at court continues Juliana returns home for a time but eventually is drawn back to court and to the queen by another vision.

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