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A primary benefit of exercising with an exercise ball as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles.
Most women know that in order to get fit, they need to spend some time in the gym working out.
No matter what your fitness level, at some point, you are bored with your workout and looking for something new. Anytime you add an element of stability to a workout, you engage the muscles differently and even add engaged muscles to certain exercises.
Everyone wants a flat belly but few people use the stability ball to strengthen and tighten the ab muscles. Balance and posture are something that we take for granted but you really can improve upon them. The abdominal exercises will not gym ball exercises for women help you to tone your abs muscles, but they will also be of help to strengthen the core muscles. However, getting a whole new routine or doing something completely different is a big step and takes lots of work. Yes, we know that diet is really what reveals your 6 pack but working the ab and back muscles on the ball can help you to sculpt those muscles so that they are ready to shine!

Learning to use your core muscles while sitting or leaning on the ball can help your body to learn to activate those stabilizing muscles when they are needed… Ever slipped on a patch of ice?! Simply taking your existing routine and adding a stability ball to it can help to spice up your workout so you aren’t bored AND you get a harder workout! Most frequently, the core body muscles — the abdominal muscles and back muscles — are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs. What if I told you that you could up the intensity of your current workout and see more results just by adding a stability ball? The stability ball allows your body to work harder and more efficiently and you’ll end up with a body that is stronger, more balanced and a workout that is fun! When you do stability ball exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, crunches and even squats with the ball, your core muscles have to engage to keep you from rolling off the ball!
Proper posture is so boring, I know, but knowing that sitting up tall can make you look 10 pounds lighter is very exciting!
Remember, adding intensity isn’t always about adding more reps or weight, it can be something as simply as adding a stability ball! Stability balls are found in nearly every gym and most of the time, you’ll have a friend that has one you can borrow!

Thigh exercises like squats, lunges, etc, are compound exercises, which help working the buttocks along with the thighs and legs. Along with them do not forget to include the oblique exercises for women to work your love handles. That’s exactly what trainers have been doing for years and the great news is that it works! Using the stability ball helps you learn proper posture which will make you look and feel better!
I’ve been using stability balls for my own workouts, as well as to train clients for years with excellent results! I’ve even included it in Month 2 of the Ten Pound Cut Down workout program because I think it is such a great way to add intensity and achieve great results.

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