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You dona€™t need to have experience with MMA, know a left hook from a roundhouse, or aspire to be a fighter to reap the benefits of this routine.
Youa€™ll be doing the drills in blocks of 3 at 1 minute each, and then resting for 1 minute before continuing to the next 3 drills. Cross hops not only tone your calves and quads, they strengthen your lung capacity and cardiovascular health too. Spring straight up, jumping as high as you can with your arms straight over your head and fingers extended. Land on the balls of your feet, lowering your body back into the squat position to complete 1 rep. Advanced tip:A During the jump, spin 180 degrees mid-air and land facing the opposite direction. Throwing punches at an imaginary opponent will tone your arms and shoulders, build your mental focus, and improve your body awareness. Stand with your left foot forward, elbows bent in front of your ribs, your hands up in the a€?guarda€? position, hands lightly clenched.
Throw a jab directly at the chin of your imaginary opponent by extending your left arm forward, turning your palm towards the floor, and then immediately retracting your arm back to the guard position. Throw a cross with your right arm by rotating your hips counter clockwise, lifting your heel off the floor, extending your right arm forward, and turning your palm towards the floor. Advanced tip:A Throw the jab-cross combo as fast as you can for the entire minute without pausing. Get on your hands and knees with your hands placed directly under your shoulders and neutral spine placement.

Advanced tip:A Every 10 seconds alternate between forward bear crawls and reverse bear crawls (crawling backwards).
Thrust your rear knee up and forward at a 45 degree angle, aiming the tip of the knee at the opponent, and drive your hip into the strike.
Bring your knee back along the same path it traveled and return to the guard stance on the balls of your feet. Congratulations, you made it through the entire routine and are one step closer to your bikini body!
This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from the entire team at Gold Medal Bodies (GMB).
As soon as I heard Ryan Hurst and his GMB team would be coming to John’s studio for a 2-day workshop, I registered for the course right away. Ryan, Jarlo, Andy, and the rest of the GMB team did not disappoint and delivered a rich workshop focussing on movement quality, proper progressions, recovery techniques, auto regulation, and mindfulness.
Thata€™s because MMA involves so many techniques that the entire body is worked through a full range of motion. Using the 6 drills below will put you on the fast track to getting that bikini body youa€™ve been dreaming about. Say a€?Noa€? when your arms beg you to stop and say a€?Helloa€? to sculpted deltoids and triceps!
Bear crawls are effective at working the entire body as a whole unit; exactly whata€™s needed to shoot in on an opponent to take them down.
As you step forward, slightly turn your lead leg counter-clockwise so your foot points to the 11 oa€™clock position, and land on the ball of your foot.

Lean back slightly for balance and keep the foot of your striking leg as close to your butt as possible.
After you drop down and thrust your feet back, do a pushup, then return to the squat position. Just give thanks for the general campiness of it all, from the rinky-dink fireplace in back to the picnic tables and painted signs for boat rentals and bait.
Once the exercises become easy for you then add the advanced tip movements to really heat things up.
They will work all of your major muscle groups, burn calories at light speed, and melt the fat off your body. Youa€™ll burn tons of calories, make friends, and learn to protect yourself should the need arise. Nothing much is authentic--the antler chandeliers look mass-produced--but drinks are cheap, TVs abound and at least it's something different. Ten beers served in chilled mugs range from PBR to Black Bear Stout and, when the mood strikes, a Jager shot-machine is willing. Perhaps youa€™re already fit but are looking for a new addition to your current beach body workout.

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