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She lost more than a stone in weight thanks to a new exercise and dietary plan - and she was keen to show off the results during a pre-Christmas break.A  Indeed, Playboy wannabe Luisa Zissman has been flaunting her incredible bikini body during an idyllic holiday in Dubai. Sporting a skimpy two-piece, Luisa appeared keen to flaunt an undeniably stunning figure during her latest carefree beach excursion. Indeed, the former Apprentice babea€™s inch perfect waist paid testament to her new dietary regime, and it was on full display as she splashed around with a large inflatable ball.
At one point she stretched her toned torso with while raising her intertwined arms in what appeared to be a comprehensive yoga move before lazily padding back to the beach. Luisaa€™s sunshine break comes after she revealed her desire to appear on the pages of iconic mena€™s magazine Playboy. The mother-of-one previously admitted that she has no issue with stripping off her clothes and being 'sexual.''Ia€™ve always said and been up front with the fact I don't have an issue with being a sexual young woman, I don't see anything wrong with it, and I don't see anything wrong with nudity,a€™ she told Heat magazine.

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CrossFit is unlike any other fitness program out there.  It brings fun, camaraderie, and competition into every session.
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program combining elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular conditioning. CrossFit is highly scalable.  The coaches at CrossFit West Chester can adapt every workout to meet the needs of each client. We perform multi-joint, multi-muscle functional exercises.  CrossFit training carries over into real life.
Brisk: James takes a gasp of air before taking the plunge to portray the latest storylineThe six new episodes will be filmed in London and Grantchester as well as in Cambridge's city centre.

The busty businesswoman was in great shape as she frolicked in the cool surf with pals on another sweltering day in the coastal city. The 26-year-old later broke into fits of laughter after playing a makeshift game of catch that involved a female pal attempting to throw ice cubes into her bikini bottomsLuisaa€™s shapely curves are all down to daily exercise regimes, regular cardio and a healthy, balanced diet.
We have a great group of coaches that are willing to work with you so that you achieve your desired results and you have a great time getting there.
You will make a positive change in your body composition and you will gain confidence in your physical abilities.

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