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Kevin Ogar was performing a routine "snatch" at a fitness competition this weekend in southern California, a move thousands of amateur athletes do in their local CrossFit gyms each week, when something went wrong. But on Sunday, as Ogar lifted hundreds of pounds of weights first to his waist, and then up over his head, he bailed on the lift, letting the bar bounce to the floor behind him.
There was no medical staff or doctor on site during the competition, in which amateur athletes lift hundreds of pounds, swing from ropes, jump on boxes, flip tires and perform other intense exercises as quickly as they can. Hathcock said that was an anomaly; most competitions have some medical assistance available. Ogar, a professional CrossFit coach in Denver and part-time worker at Whole Foods, had no medical insurance. Ogar and his training partners say the injury was a "freak accident" that had nothing to do with CrossFit, but the sport has come under scrutiny as it has risen in popularity in recent years and many athletes have fallen prey to injuries. CrossFit was created by founder Greg Glassman in 2000, and now operates in more than 5,000 affiliated but privately owned gyms across the country. And if athletes are using improper technique to lift or squat or do a pullup, and push through to do many repetitions of that move, she added, they can cause an injury. Other CrossFit competitors and friends of Ogar's quickly set up a fundraising campaign to help cover his medical bills and future costs, raising more than $100,000 in just three days online.
Hathcock owns the CrossFit gym in Colorado where Ogar was a head coach, but Hathcock explained that most CrossFit coaches work as independent contractors -- not full-time employees -- and are not provided health insurance. Ogar has completed two surgeries, had screws and rods implanted in his back, and will be moved to a rehabilitation facility in Colorado. Hathcock pointed out that Ogar's goal was to make it to the CrossFit Games, a nationwide competition for top CrossFit athletes broadcast on ESPN each year. We all have jobs and careers that place us in certain postures and patterns that may predispose us to have poor sitting posture, muscle weakness, or tight muscles. You can see that these impairments will play a major role in many CrossFit lifts and especially overhead techniques.
CrossFit is based on functional lifts and with no impairments present, there is no reason why you can’t perform CrossFit training injury free. Call now at (407) 494-8835 and get back to the pain free active lifestyle that you deserve!

A back injury has caused North West athlete Rory Zambard to bow out of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.
Zambard said she has been dealing with two lumbar disc issues that have literally brought her to the ground. The 23-year-old CrossFit Games veteran thrilled fans during the final event at the North West Regional. Zambard fought hard to earn her ticket to the Games, and there’s no doubt she’ll fight hard to rebound from this setback.
Comments on Zambard’s Facebook post show that her fans overwhelmingly support her decision.
There, it bounced against another set of weights, came up, and hit Ogar in the back, critically injuring his spine. Ogar was rushed to a hospital when an ambulance came, but was soon told he may never walk again, Hathcock said. Vonda Wright, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said she has seen a rise in the number of CrossFit-associated injuries that result from overuse and bad technique.
Hathcock himself, as owner of CrossFit Unbroken, is only insured under his wife's plan, he said.
His spirits have been high and he has adopted an attitude of seeing his injury as fitting into God's plan, Hathcock said, adding that Ogar's friends and family remain hopeful that he will walk again. Just prior to regionals, she injured herself and was taking anti-inflammatory steroids to manage the pain. Sitting in fourth place with only 2 points separating her and Carleen Lessard, Zambard flew through the 64 pull-ups and raced to the barbell to complete her 8 135-lb.
Lessard couldn’t hold on, but Zambard did, taking third in the event and a third-place spot on the podium. It’s the most common rookie error, but can also be just as big a problem for seasoned CrossFitters. The vast majority of injured CrossFitters (or any athletes for that matter) that I see have simply increased their training too quickly.Whether it is increased intensity or a change in type of training, increased frequency of training (and consequent decreased recovery) or increased load.
All of these things are an increase in overall load on the muscles and the body where the body needs time to adapt and build strength accordingly.So how do you increase your training safely?

Well this is different for everyone (I know, it’s the most frustrating answer I could have given you) because everyone is starting at a different place in their training and is trying to achieve different things.
To make matters even more difficult, different people will respond differently to training stimuli.So unfortunately, there is no one size fits all training program, the best generic response is gradually work your way up to achieving your set goals, under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing. Preferably this person has written a program for you that is matched with your goals, abilities, and training responses (hot tip – find yourself a good, well educated coach).2. This is important for two reasons, firstly, fatigued muscles are not able to perform at their best, ultimately resulting in altered mechanics.
Changed mechanics leads to overload of other structures that are trying to compensate for the fatigued muscles, which they are not designed to be doing, ultimately causing injury.The second reason that recovery is important is to allow the muscles to heal and strengthen.
Strengthening and adaptation of muscles to any given load occurs after the load has been applied. Following the workout, if given the opportunity, the muscle fibres will heal and recover and adapt to what they have just been asked to do in preparation for the next time they are asked to do the same thing (in the presence of adequate hydration and nutrition – a whole other article in itself).Recovery can, and should, be tackled in two ways. This refers to changing the loading and stimulus placed through the muscles, and good programming will be based around this. It is equally important to have rest days built into your program, again there is no hard and fast rule as to how often because everyone has different training needs, and responds differently to their training.I would generally suggest 1-2 days per week of rest, but it might be a trial and error process to determine what you respond best to. Its also a great way of making sure you are keeping yourself in good condition if you tend to “run out of time” for mobility at the end of your session. 3. This is part of the reason injuries that have been around for a while tend to take much longer to heal properly, and will require you to modify your training (and usually require more severe restrictions) for a longer period of time.A good rule of thumb is if something has been a problem for more than a week, or if you are compensating, and changing your technique because of injury, you need to get it looked at. Jess is passionate about educating and empowering people to reach their peak state of health.Latest posts by Jessica Ackad (see all) The Idiots Guide to Preventing CrossFit Injuries - January 21, 2013 Barefoot Running – Is it for you?

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