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While originally conceived as a community dance in 1880’s Punjab, Bhangra has evolved to be synonymous with the famous moves of shoulder shrugging, toe tapping, and head shaking to the contagious beat of a dhol. Bhangra, and Bollywood dance as a whole, has taken off as the newest workout fad across the country.
There is no one way to Bhangra, but there is no doubt that you’ll get a good cardio workout from this style of dance. The upper body moves you’ll do during a Bhangra dance workout mimic the effects a light lateral workout by working the deltoids and lateral muscles that run down your back and the sides of your body. Contract the muscles in your back. Squeeze these muscles tight while you dance, so they are fully engaged. Anu AshokAnu has become an expert in fitness through the pursuit of her passion of working out.
Can the Zumba dance workout really help you get rid of fat and burn up to 1000 cal in one single session?
That’s where the Zumba dance workout is completely different than anything else available today. They even have a 20-minute express workout for those individuals that don’t have a great deal of time. As a result many people have found one of the best ways to lose calories is going to a class or to purchase the Zumba exhilarate DVD collection. This dance-fitness class will provide you and at-home fitness & total body workout that beats any other body transformation system on the market today.
Make sure that you use the toning sticks because they will help reshape your body and tone your muscles.
Zumba creator Beto Perez has put together an exciting product that can help everyone gain better health and enjoy burning calories, reshape your body and gain better health through his Zumba dance workout. Summer is fast approaching and what better way to prepare for the rooftop parties, garden gatherings and Ibiza blowouts than with Ministry of Sound’s latest offering - Ultimate Dance Workout. Mix 1 kicks things off with a lineup of some of the biggest names in Pop and Dance including Sam Smith, Florence & The Machine, John Newman, Clean Bandit and Disclosure. Mix 2 takes things to the next level with high energy tracks from music industry heavyweights such as Avicii, Lana Del Ray, Swedish House Mafia and Ellie Goulding, as well as including some more new talent such as Tchami and Hannah Wants.
Ultimate Dance Workout is a non-stop collection of music so good you won’t want to stop working out.

One of the girls starring in the video, Holly Childers, who was seven at the time, noticed the an advertisement for the video in a newspaper. There were still four spots open so the video staff auditioned girls who were professional actresses or models. What better way to get in shape than combining awesome party music with an easy, high-cardio dance? Today, Bhangra dance has gone one step further from being just a party dance to becoming a popular way to get a good workout.
You no longer have to wait until a wedding or special event to get your Bhangra (and your sweat) on. Many gyms and dance studios across the country offer classes taught by trained Bhangra dance instructors who can guide you through the right moves to maximize calorie burn. Doonya, a New York City based start-up, combines the styles of Bhangra dance and cardio in a high-energy DVD workout. Besides getting your heart pumping, Bhangra finds a way to target parts of your body that you might not even realize it can. The jumping up and down will also make use of those skinny legs so many of us South Asians suffer from.
Combining this with the rapid arm movement will help with the all-around toning of your back, arms and shoulders. The Doonya gals recommend keeping the core engaged at all times and focusing on each individual muscle during the workout routine. When the beat is right, Bhangra involves quite a bit of jumping around and extending your legs. Try your local gym to see if they have classes but definitely check out Doonya, they have classes in NYC, DC and LA!
Midsection weight is the hardest to shake, so keep up with the right combination of running, biking and bhangra! Well the reality is that most people try group exercise classes and just like New Year’s resolutions, they try it for a while but pretty soon they quit.
A typical session is usually a 45-minute workout although you can probably find classes that last only 30 minutes. Muscle burns more calories and although you never have a huge physique you will have nice toned arms, shoulders, chest back etc. This female focussed release, full of some of the biggest and best dance tracks from the past few years, is guaranteed to get you motivated and moving.

On top of this it offers a selection of newer music from rising stars such as Waze & Odyssey and Karen Harding.
From this audition, Ashlee Turner (aged 10), Arike Rice (aged eight), Kimberly Butler (aged nine) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (aged 12) were picked. The instructors claim that a 45-minute routine like this can burn up to 600 calories — all while still having fun!
This will not only help guide your body smoothly from one step to another, but you’ll also notice better posture and stronger abs in the long run. Stay tuned for a future piece on the benefits of bharatanatyam, another classical Indian dance style that also doubles as a great workout! It feels more like you’re at a party just shaking your booty and having a whole lot of fun.
Since, you’ll be burning a great deal of fat you want to drink plenty water at least a gallon a day. It stars Barbie, in stop-motion animation by the Academy Award-winning Will Vinton Studios, teaching a dance and aerobics class to real girls. Make focused, steady movements instead of just thrashing your limbs about (which is never good anyway).
Just to give you a comparison to other popular workouts playing baseball will burn about 476 cal.
After seeing the girls dance, 35 finalists were chosen, including Holly Childers and two other girls named Jennifer Fenton (aged 10) and Lisa Mariano (aged 11). This will give your lower body a great workout as well, from your hip flexors and quads and to your calves and hamstrings. The girls all became friends and were able to keep up with each other, and filmed everything in one day. After this, Holly, Jennifer and Lisa, as well as two more girls named Katinka Chun and Erica Read (both aged 10), were picked to star in the video.

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