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She received an international marketing degree from the University of Miami and is currently employed as a documentary producer. On June 1st of 2007 Dany and Dwayne made a public announcement declaring that they were about to split up. The fact that the two have not uttered a single word about the reason for the split, or about the other parent, makes people want to know what went wrong even more. The couple came to agreements on the amount of child support that would be paid to Dany by Dwayne.
The couple agreed that anytime their daughter wants to talk to the other parent she can call and stay on the phone as long as she likes. Those rumors have never been substantiated, and as a matter of fact, the Rock and his former wife had one of the most amicable divorce settlements ever. They also announced that this break-up was completely amicable and they intended to remain best friends forever.

The two of them can obviously communicate with each other and they obviously feel deeply for one another, and yet they could not remain with each other.
Curiosity is being fueled by the fact that these two people are not acting like typical Hollywood stars and trashing each other. The reported amount of financial support he is said to have agreed to is around $22,000 dollars per month.
They agreed that when one parent has the child and needs to make an immediate decision about something that concerns the child that the other parent will accept the decision. She would live with Dwayne and bear him one daughter before the couple called it quits in 2008. The couple also agreed that each of them would deposit five thousand dollars a month into an education account for their daughter. They also agreed that each parent would encourage their daughter to love and respect the other parent.

She has two parents that despite their ability to live as husband and wife have united to raise this child in the most loving and supportive way they can. The money in this account is set aside to pay for her private schooling now and to later be used to pay for her college education.
You have not heard anything about Dany and Dwayne fighting over who has custody and who pays for what.
The couple made an agreement on what they considered to be fair and they both refused alimony.

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