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It's just weird how in a contest where you do whatever it takes to win the little money the sport has to offer, people deny the use of synthol. The thing you need to be careful of is if you are close to a show and you are all feathered out in the quads, tris, glutes, etc - that putting gear or oil into these body parts will cover up those fine cross striations - I had this happen to my quad last season about 2 weeks out - took a 3cc pin and all my x-striations on my outer quad sweep just disappeared overnight. It's funny how in a sport where anything goes, there is a taboo placed on the use on synthol, yet illegal compounds like AAS gets the green light. I recently listened to an old interview with Nasser and he mentioned that 95% of competitors have dabbled with synthol. I beleive the oils in SEO's are different than the carrying agent oils of AAS in that they dissipate slower allowing the fascia to stay stretched long enough for muscle cell growth (Someone correct me if I'm wrong).
If you’ve wondered what all the fuss is about, Rambod has created a video explaining the fundamentals of FST-7, along with tips on how to scale it for everyone from beginners to advanced lifters and how to maximize your nutrition and supplementation while following FST-7. Widen your lats and etch those abs with this epic FST-7 workout from pro trainer Hany Rambod and 2015 men’s physique champ Jeremy Buendia! Let Hany Rambod and Jeremy Buendia help you expand your potential and cast a bigger shadow with FST-7 training for shoulders and triceps! Your upper body will never look the same after Hany Rambod's and Jeremy Buendia's FST-7 shoulders-and-triceps workout! If you want to carry the aesthetic appeal of a modern physique athlete, competitor or not, you need to pay special attention to your shoulders.
The purpose of this workout is to help you build just such a set of shoulders: round, thick, and full. When you've completed all the regular sets in this session, you'll finish off your delts with FST-7 sets. Two-time Olympia men's physique champ Jeremy Buendia and I will take you through this tough but effective, shoulder session. When you're done with this workout, be sure to try my FST-7 chest and biceps and FST-7 back and abs workouts! At the end of each set, try to bring the dumbbells up at the same time and pause for maximum muscle-fiber recruitment.
Put one foot up when you do these rows, in order prevent your body from getting dragged forward. Use your index finger and middle finger to push the weight down and away from your body, which will ensure that you're hitting the outside head of your triceps. During this exercise, bring the weight down far enough so that your wrists are parallel with your elbows. Nicknamed ''The Pro Creator,'' Hany Rambod has been constructing championship-winning physiques for the past 20 years. FST-7 is a training routine created by Hany Ramrod, who has trained many pro bodybuilders with great success using this program. The idea is that this fascia layer covering your muscles needs to be stretched (“S”) so your muscles can look bigger and fuller.
If you are one of the many who is looking to make a transformation from one body type to another, let me say it will be a tough journey – But entirely possible! You may also find that supplementation can help achieve quicker results than just diet and exercise alone.
FST-7 is a training system I devised after years of research and a great deal of trial and error with many clients. There are three types of fascia in the human body, but the type bodybuilders should be concerned about is deep fascia.
This didna??t prevent them from building substantial muscle mass, obviously, but neither man ever had that round a?˜Marvel Comicsa?? appearance to their muscles.
I dona??t typically like to use very high reps, because too often you will experience general fatigue and get short of breath before you have built the maximum pump in the muscle. Generally speaking, this type of training is too traumatic on the larger muscle groups to use more than once a week. I find that the pec decks with the pads for the elbows usually work very well for shorter trainers, while the pec flye machines with handles seem to be better for tall guys. Proper form consists of leaning head and torso slightly forward and shrugging up to an imaginary point behind your ears a?? do not roll shoulders.
Now we will be explaining how to structure your nutritional intake around your workouts to ensure that your muscles will have all the necessary nutrients to fuel a superior pump, thus stretching out your fascia tissue and permitting growth to occur. If you seem to digest your food more slowly and get nauseous when you eat too close to the workout, adjust your meal timing accordingly.
Within 15-20 minutes of the end of your workout if not immediately, ita??s important to drink a shake to start the re-compensation and recovery process that ultimately leads to muscle growth.
Roughly an hour or two later, you want to have another solid-food meal that should be similar in composition to the pre-workout meal. Many bodybuilders have it in their heads that sodium is bad for them and should be avoided. I actually encourage my clients to get their sodium from condiments like ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce in the off-season. If it seems odd that this discussion of nutrition as it applies to the FST-7 training system isna??t discussing supplements, thata??s because I am currently in the process of experimenting with various types of products to see which ones enhance the pump, reduce soreness, speed up recovery, and other effects that would be beneficial. Although I have been developing the FST-7 system for several years and have been recommending it to my clients, only recently have I insisted that they consistently incorporate it into their own training. In the meantime, you will be seeing some of the results of FST-7 on the pro stages this year.
But isn't the synthol supposed to have some binding agent that helps create new muscle over time (according to Palumbo last week on ASK DAVE, but hey, he also sells the stuff).
It doesn't make sense to admit to using AAS, yet deny putting legally available oil into the muscle. Far more times than that, he’s watched his clients push their already impressive physiques where they never thought possible. If you're posing on stage, your shoulders need to look wide from all angles, even from the back. Because you're working two muscle groups, this workout may take you a little longer than you're accustomed to—around 60-75 minutes.
Don't skimp here; do both of the prescribed warm-up sets to prepare your body for the tough working sets.

Don't lift too heavy, or other muscles will kick in and do a substantial amount of the work. The trick to getting the most out of this movement is to turn your wrists in as your arms come over your head. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. It was created over several years of rigorous testing and perfecting with a few principles that are followed in sequence to provide stunning results. The order of each workout is a specific sequence of compound exercises to the famous isolated 7 set pump set (see below). Fascia is believed to be big and tough on individuals who have a hard time building muscle and thin in those who seem to get bigger muscles just be staring at weights. Stretching after training has long been practiced but this program aims to stretch your muscle while training by creating huge muscle pumps.
Those who have a hard time building muscle and who love to get muscle pumps should try FST-7 regimen.
These type of exercises will work the most muscle groups at once, reduce the amount of time that must be spent in the gym, and produce the most muscle growth.
The five day a week training the different muscle groups offers an strategy to focus in and challenge each muscle group individually while keeping you active most days of the week. As you move through the program you should be increasing the amount of weight you use for each exercise. Increasing the stretch in your muscles during the workout via muscle pumps is what creates this fascia layer to lengthen and allow your muscles more room to expand. If you are looking to boost muscle mass, energy and overall strength you might want to try a powerful testosterone booster with all natural ingredients and no harmful compounds. He has been using this training principle for many years exclusively with his clients to create physiques that win. FST stands for Fascia Stretch Training, and the seven refers to the seven sets performed for the final exercise of a target bodypart. This is dense fibrous connective tissue that interpenetrates and surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels of the body.
First John Parrillo, then more recently Dante Trudel of DC Training fame, incorporate aggressive stretching during workouts as part of their training programs. I also dona??t like the weight to be too heavy and limit the reps any lower than eight, because this is when you see form breaking down and ancillary muscles kicking in and robbing the target muscle of the proper stimulation.
Due to the sheer volume of muscle cells, soreness tends to linger too long to allow for more frequent workouts.
Since he is supposed to be training back and chest twice a week in preparation for the Arnold Classic, this threw him off his schedule somewhat. Try both a?? you will know by the pump and range of motion you achieve which one is a better choice for you. You dona??t want to do it first, as this would take away from your performance on the heavy straight sets that are also a critical factor in building muscle mass. Reps should be done slowly with an emphasis on squeezing the contraction point for a full one-second count. Bodypart routines for the rest of your muscle groups will also be provided so that you can get started immediately on your own FST-7 growth experience.
This provides the body with all the raw materials it will need to fuel an intense and productive weight training session.
Staying away from high-fat foods or sugary items should help stave off feelings of nausea while training. This also depends on your size, how much you tend to sweat while training, and the season.
There are several different recovery powders I am currently testing with my clients, and I will have the results soon.
For the purpose of better absorption, you want to keep the fat content low, particularly saturated fats. They intentionally remain on very low-sodium diets year-round when the fact of the matter is, you only need to be concerned about sodium intake in the final few days before a contest when you are attempting to shed subcutaneous water. One of the major side effects of this type of training is extreme muscle soreness, so this in particular needs to be addressed. Makes sense too when a lot of top pro's and amateurs are taking 2-5g of gear per week, why waste injection spots with inactive oil? These tears are achieved by flooding the muscle with blood while you work toward the most epic pump of your life! Put them together when you do the workout on your own, and you'll see and feel insane results!
Add some flexing and posing after you're done with the set to maximize blood flow to the muscle. Once turning your wrists becomes too difficult, straighten out and do some partial reps to achieve maximum burnout.
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
This intense program is focused on training a few body parts each day will bring intense muscle pumps. The “7” stands for seven sets which is to be completed at the final exercise of the routine.
Only rest 30 seconds in between each set during this exercise as it is meant to be the final push before moving on to the next muscle group. If you like to workout first thing in the morning, make sure your last meals the day before are the same. You should be drinking plenty of water throughout your day anyways but take frequent sips during your workout as well. Directlyfitness is planning on releasing an all encompassing program designed to build muscle and lose weight fast, set to be released summer of 2015. I have had many clients use this system for overall growth and especially to improve stubborn bodyparts that were seemingly resistant to just about anything else the person had tried.
The high density of collagen fibers is what gives the deep fascia its strength and integrity.

In an effort to expand their fascia and allow growth to occur, some have turned to Synthol and other items that are injected deep into the muscle belly. They had the right idea, but stretching the fascia by elongating the muscle is not the best method.
I also believe that a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle, and you absolutely must train with heavier weights in the 8-12 rep range.
The higher than normal amount of microscopic tears in the muscle caused by FST-7 training necessitates a bit more recovery time than standard training protocols.
Finishing off a bodypart with a great pump is something many top bodybuilders have been doing instinctively for years, not knowing that they were expanding their fascia and maximizing growth. I like to see my clients get in a minimum of two solid-food meals containing both lean proteins and complex carbohydrates prior to training.
Obviously you need more water in the summer, particularly if you train at a place like MetroFlex Gym that doesna??t believe in air conditioning, or if you work outdoors. But in the meantime, you cana??t go wrong with a highly bio-available protein source such as whey protein isolate along with a rapidly-assimilated carbohydrate source like dextrose, waxy maize, or maltodextrin.
All I can say at this point is that even though all the results arena??t in and there is still more research to be done; we have already witnessed some intriguing and exciting effects. After all, muscle is 75% water and having water will leave your muscles looking flat and small. Simply because there has been some evidence that performing more sets than this has been shown to only burn more calories. If you are interested please sign up for our free newsletter as our subscribers will have the first chance to purchase the product! We sell a powerful fat burner called Torrid FX if you are interested in losing weight and improving energy as a primary goal. The amount of elastin fibers determines how much extensibility and resiliency it will have.
There have even been some advisors, mainly online, that make it seem as if this is the only solution and must be done. I have tried many variations of heavier and lighter training with clients over the years, and discovered that both types are needed.
We keep the rest periods fairly short, because as you pump up the muscle, a little blood escapes in that time. However, smaller bodyparts like arms and calves certainly can and should be trained twice a week. It may be tempting to do your pumping sets earlier on if you cana??t seem to get any kind of pump going, but I would urge you instead to do something like a set or two of 21a??s to get the blood flowing and then proceed with your heavy sets before capping it all off with your a?˜7a?? set for that bodypart. The protein source can be chicken or turkey breast, white fish, or even leaner cuts of red meat such as filet or top sirloin if one is training later in the day. You can sip a carb drink or a thermogenic drink if you tend to a?˜run out of gasa?? while training, but neither takes the place of water.
If you are a hardgainer ectomorph type, dona??t be afraid to mix two or more carb sources together.
They will also try and insist that all the proa??s use Synthol and site inject, which I can assure you is not true. Heavy weights will build thickness and density, but they will not give you that round, full look.
This gives you twice as many opportunities to stretch the fascia in what are often exceedingly stubborn bodyparts. Remember, a?˜7a??sa?? are done at the conclusion of each bodypart, so if you are working multiple bodyparts in a given workout, you will be doing two or more of these extended pumping sets.
If you choose to have one of these beverages during your workout, you should also have a water bottle and alternate between the two to ensure proper hydration.
If you are drinking a large shake that is very filling for you, it might take two hours for your appetite to return substantially enough to allow you to eat a solid meal. If you are trying to pump up and havena??t had more than trace amounts of sodium for a couple days, your muscles will be totally flat and unresponsive, even if you are eating carbs and drinking some water.
The most genetically blessed bodybuilders have thinner fascia, which is why their muscle bellies appear to be larger and fuller, with that round a?˜bubblya?? look that all bodybuilders covet. Similarly, getting incredible pumps all the time can impart some of that roundness, but you wona??t ever get extreme muscle size without training with heavy straight sets. These are all slow-burning carbs that will deliver time-released energy, as opposed to fruits and other simple sugars that digest too quickly and can leave you with an insulin crash while training. I cana??t emphasize this strongly enough a?? there is simply no way you can achieve a great pump if you arena??t drinking enough water before and during the workout. If you are trying to lean out or you are simply a person that gains fat very easily, you will want to take it easy on the amount of carbs in this shake. Then, if you go out and have a burger and fries after the judging, your muscles seem to magically inflate, and you are able to generate an excellent pump for the night show! Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath would be two prime examples of individuals blessed with thin fascia.
So you need to focus equally on maximizing both your strength and your pump in the same workouts to see optimal results.
As you know, the human body and especially our blood supply is comprised of over seventy percent water, so you need to have a steady supply to stay hydrated. You still want to always include at least some carbs in this shake, except in the case of the final stages of a pre-contest diet for those that are striving to lose the last vestiges of bodyfat.
Sodium helps transport carbs into the muscles, so by all means dona??t be afraid to put a bit of salt on your food. Think of it in terms of it being easier to blow up a balloon as opposed to one of those water bottles that strongmen like Franco Columbu used to.
Most of these have a diuretic effect, which means you need to take care to drink a bit more water to compensate for the fluid loss.

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