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LOL, the next thing you'll be telling me is that a bodybuilder will become an action star, a multimillionaire, marry a Kennedy, and govern the third largest state in the US. On a more serious note, I thought he looked good at the USA's, and if he brings up his legs, a pro card is in his future sooner rather than later.
GoDaddy's heavily-teased Super Bowl spot is finally revealed here, as we find out who the woman who quit her job on TV really is.

Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time. I just brought a glowforge since I am an artist and I have this referral link that anyone can use for $100 off the glowforge. She's Gwen, a New York machine engineer, who wants to start her own puppet business, and resigns for real in the ad -- letting one of her puppets do the talking.

It will also give me $100 off which is great since I am finishing up my senior year at college.

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