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Classic Moves: 49% of men and 39% of women said they found classic rock to be a turn-on for their dates to play in the background to set the mood. Mood Music: While 49% of men choose to listen to classic crooner Barry White when getting pumped up for a date, 44% of women chose sexy current artists like Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. Mood Killers: Both men and women agreed that rap, country and heavy metal music are no-no’s on a date.
Music Idols: 49% of men channel Justin Timberlake when embarking on a first date, while the majority of women (26%) channel P!nk. Which Artist is Crushing it?  40% of guys named Taylor Swift as their music crush, who received more than double the votes of her nearest competitor, Rihanna (19%).
Led Zep II hands down the best mood music after a few drinks and a comfort zone is established, throw this on, and 95% of the time you in for a long, wet, erotic night! Whether you are getting ready for a practice or a pre game warm up getting pumped up will always help you out with sports!

There's nothing better that really gets you into the mindset to push things to the limit, than music.
Good rhythmic songs, anthems or even remixed tracks can always be used to encourage both, the audience and the players.
They can even be used to motivate yourself in doing any task, like working out at the gym or doing any kind of daily exercise.
If you have any songs that you personally find as energetic, feel free to add them in the comments.
We surveyed more than 1,100 members and found that 78% of singles listen to music to get pumped up for a date, and whether they channel suave Justin Timberlake or self-empowering P!nk when getting amped up, music is an integral part of dating!
Yes to Aerosmith and Journey and a big no to the rest of the crap that is flooding the mainstream airwaves. When it comes to volleyball you have to play as a team, one unified unit, so listening to some high energy songs while preparing for a game helps create a team bond.

With the kind or lyrics, riffs, and beats that run a shiver up your spine and let the adrenalin gush through your body, music lifts your spirit and gets you ready to battle.
Both lists are mixed with a little of all the good rock, pop, and hip hop tracks that edge out over the beats and the heavy sounds. This is a great list of high paced and high energy songs that are perfect to get you and your team pumped up! Music is a huge trigger for memory and most of the music listed here were from younger,care-free days.

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