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The barbell clean and press is a classic power lifting exercise that develops strength and power in your lower and upper body.
Step 1 – Start out with dumbbells at either at your sides, or in front of your thighs depending on what variation you are using. Step 3 – Forcefully use your legs and hips to throw the dumbbells upwards towards your shoulders. Step 4 – Squat down slightly to help catch the dumbbells at your shoulders using a neutral grip. Completing cleans with a dumbbell is sometimes referred to as the Dumbbell Squat Power Clean. This version is most similar to the standard barbell hang cleans because you start with the dumbbells pronated in front of your thighs, then you swing them up using primarily your hip strength and core strength. As you can see from the photo, I’m keeping the dumbbells very close to the plane of my body, almost behind me.
You can also try using this exercise as an alternative to cardio, or at the beginning of your workout, which is how strength coaches traditionally use the movement.
If you have the flexibility, strength, and experience to give these advanced exercises a try, let me know how it goes!
Hope this is helpful and I think this really is a solid exercise that builds strength, power, and also cardiovascular strength as well!
Take a look at the photo below and answer me this: do you think those muscles came from running or from lifting weights?

That first conclusion can be explained quite easily; a huge guy with enormous strength will be a slow runner, but a smaller guy with significant strength will be fast. The second conclusion is that full body Olympic style lifts are great predictors of running speed. Exercises worth doing: Hang Clean, Squats, Jump Squats, Deadlift, and all of the regular exercises in a normal strength training program.
The following strength targets are rough ratios of where you need to be to become a real competitor[1]. Strength is definitely correlated with speed, particularly power related exercises with results being measured as a ratio of weight lifted compared to your body weight. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. It is important to have strong toned shoulder muscles which helps in building your endurance levels and achieve higher levels of fitness.
You actually have no reason to deny shoulder strengthening, since it is the foundation of your strong toned body and helps to boost your confidence levels. You can then lower the bar back towards your shoulders and then move downwards towards your thighs. Shoulder strengthening exercises are particularly important for swimmers, softball players, volleyball players and athletes.
Keep your chin tucked in and your shoulder needs to be back slightly.Now start squeezing your shoulder blades as much as you can but be careful, it should not hurt you.

You will have to catch it just in front of your shoulders with your palms that will face upwards. These simple shoulder exercises will help to strengthen your shoulders and increase your confidence.
Hold a resitance band and in front of your stomach area and start to pull your arms backwards. Your elbows should be by your side and preferably at 90 degrees.Now, push your hand just against the resistance of your other hand as much as you can. Slowly and steadily lift this dumbbell as much as you can and then return to your original position.While your left side weight is coming down, you right hand weight will be going up alternately. However, at no point of time you should go beyond your comfort level because you will hurt your shoulder.
PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT AGE 47, AND IF I USE TWO DUMBELLS FOR THE HANG CLEAN EXERCISE, HOW MUCH SHOULD ONE DUMBELL WEIGH? You will be squeezing the shoulder blades in the process.You will have to stay in this position for at least 2-3 seconds and then return to your starting position.

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