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The workout is designed for short minutes of faster speeds that are maintainable, combined with some short recoveries on hills (i.e. Write this one down, set the clothes out, go for it, and you’ll see your quality of life soar. That is a good point–my treadmill does it wicked fast, so I guess I need to tweak that next time! Some people may tell you that HIIT isn’t any better, or doesn’t provide better results, than long, steady state cardio. HIIT consists of short, intense burst of energy (your maximum effort) followed by a period of recovery. You may want to start off with 15 seconds for your burst with 30-60 seconds for your recovery. Remember, your bursts are your maximum effort for whatever time you choose, so choose your plan wisely! So if you’re looking to burn fat, boost metabolism, maintain muscle and not spend hours doing cardio, HIIT is for you!
Denise is a personal trainer specializing in training adults seeking more productive lifestyles. I am grateful for all those who fought for our freedom-and my heart goes out to those who suffered that day.

It is a good one that gets the heart pumping, the sweat pouring, and pushes you out of your comfort zone (but not too far).
Although I don’t change my incline, I get too annoyed with how long it takes for the treadmill to go up and down!
Before you bypass this blog thinking HIIT means high-impact that you maybe can’t do, think again! Maybe you’re asking yourself, ‘Well if HIIT isn’t any better than steady state cardio, why should I exert myself more to get the same results?’ Because there is a difference. Sometimes it’s good to give your body a rest from the HIIT and spend a little more time on the treadmill with less exertion. These timed intervals may only take 20 minutes, but the results have you burning fat for 48 hours beyond the workout! Once you’ve gotten the hang of what it should feel like, you can combine bodyweight exercises, a stationary bike, an elliptical and a treadmill, and put together your own workout! I am oddly fascinated with WWII facts, people, dates, and events-I remember them all once I find out info about them (p.s. If you’re ever looking for some ideas that you don’t have to make up on your own I have some listed under my workouts page!
My training philosophy is that combining some of both – HIIT and SSC – gives you optimal results.

Depending on what exercises you’re doing, and how accustomed to training you are, the “burst” and “recovery” times will vary.
HIIT allows you to have lots of variations in your workouts, so you will definitely never get bored with them. I think war is so sad and appalling and can’t believe people suffered that, but it reminds me of what love and peace can eventually do).
Many people have knee, hip and ankle problems and are unable to run or jump without causing themselves more discomfort.
So continue your SSC once in a while, but add HIIT into your workout program a few times a week to get that maximum fat burn. An active recovery will have your doing an exercise of much less intensity for that resting time period. And make sure you warm up with a brisk walk for a few minutes before starting any of these. Wouldn’t you rather spend 20 minutes doing cardio a few times a week or hours of cardio several times of the week??!!

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