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When hockey players tell me they want to increase their endurance they often follow with "I'm going to start jogging".
This is a good workout that you can do at the gym or at home to improve hockey acceleration. This is a good workout to work on acceleration and speed for hockey if you are working with a partner. This is a good workout to improve your shot power because it helps strengthen your core muscles. Create Your Own Hockey Training ProgramMost of the workouts we are doing are from Hockey OT. There are over 350 workout videos featuring NHL players and an NHL strength coach as the instructor. Products we likeWe understand most people won't have access to all the every product we use, but we wanted to test them all.
Team Stratusphere member Britney, a hockey player and yoga instructor, has created this unique yoga program aimed at hockey players. So if you're a hockey player yourself, whether league or pick-up, here are 5 essential yoga moves to stay healthy and better your game.
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These were put together by Gary Roberts and Matt Nichols who are known to be the top trainers in hockey.

These are dynamic stretches that are great for hockey players to do before a game, practice, or gym workout. This workout uses the medicine ball (one of my favourite pieces of equipment for hockey workouts) and is a great finisher. Every product you see us using in the video will have it's own description page where we tell you all about it, and what we use it for. Plank pose, which focuses primarily on the upper body and core, is a beneficial pose for hockey players. It helps to strengthen the thighs, open the hips, and improves stamina (opening the chest and lungs), while stretching and strengthening the groin area.
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The core, which stabilized the entire body allows for hockey players to develop a strong center of gravity to help keep them on two feet. As any hockey player would know, especially those in the NHL, the game moves at rapid pace, and it is the calmest players who make the best plays!

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