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Hello guys,I have maked 5 easy traps and i gonna make a video how to make this traps.It's get more traps as you say MORE! This workout hits the traps hard with high-volume, muscle-building rep ranges and an eclectic mix of exercises—a standard dumbbell shrug, a body-weight shrug using a dip station, a behind-the-back variation, and an upright row that utilizes a shoulder press machine in a way most people don’t think to. Do this routine one to two times a week for the next month, then change the exercises up to keep the muscles guessing.
The traps may be a relatively small muscle group, but they’re one of those body parts that put the finishing touches on a physique that people notice instantly when they meet you.

Mix in free-weight barbell shrugs, try the Smith machine shrugs in front of the body, do your shrugs with cables, make use of the diamond-shaped “trap bar” if your gym has one—even the slightest variations can provide a different stimulus to spur development. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. To me, the most important connection in the human body is the one that joins the shoulders with the neck: the upper trapezius.
Developed traps complete the athletic look and provide support to the head for dynamic activity.

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